What Does An Exterminator Do?

We’ve all noticed a truck or van with the lettering that says Vancouver Pest Control written on the side and might even wondered what that job involves. Ridding businesses and homes of mice, rats, wasps or all manner of pests can be more interesting than most of us might imagine. They may be self employed or work for a business that does large scale pest control of government institutions, schools or food manufacturing facilities.

An exterminator’s job is a balance between getting rid of infestations and dealing with distressed customers. Part of his job is to educate clients on the various methods that are used to deal with their particular problem. Their work environment consists of places like basements, attics and crawl spaces wherever pests like to invade. It may not seem like the most glamorous career and yet the diversity in types of pests and their diverse hide outs can prove interesting. For those so inclined it can be more interesting than a desk job.

The exterminator first talks to the customer regarding the issue after which he goes to work with a specific plan of action. One of the first things the exterminator checks for is a possible source of pests, possibly a garbage or sewage issue. Next he conducts a thorough examination of the infestation which involves carefully examining all suspected areas of the building. Once this is complete the various methods to resolve the issue are discussed with the customer and they sign a consent form.  Then the exterminator gets to work completing a plan of action, the worse case scenario is sealing the house and thoroughly gassing which is required in extreme situations. Mostly it involves spraying insecticides and or pesticides in the correct amount or simply setting traps. Finally the exterminator informs the customer on steps to take to prevent similar problems in the future.

Dealing with customers who may understandably be distressed requires a lot of patience so good communication is needed. As mentioned previously it is a job that requires balance when dealing with pests on one hand and people and their emotions. Sometimes there may even be children in the home who find the idea of killing anything disturbing which calls upon the exterminator to gently explain to them the various diseases and problems that can result from an insect infestation in the house.

Thanks to Local Pest Control for explaining what an exterminator does.

Spring Drainage Tips


It’s a brand new season – green grass, blooming flowers, cheerful birds. It is also a perfect time to invite friends for pool parties, barbecue, and other outdoor activities. However, spring season also means rain. For a lot of homeowners, rains brought about by spring can result in a swampy crawl space, flooded basement, soggy lawns, and even damaged foundations.

So while the weather isn’t that bad, it’s a great time for you to do some simple maintenance jobs to ward off possible moisture problems, to avoid expensive repairs and to make way for a stress-free summer.

Below are a number of helpful tips from Wet Coast Drainage Solutions to make your home dry for the coming rainy season.

Clean your gutters

Make sure to check if your gutters are free from leaves and other debris so water can flow freely. You may try to put gutter guards for extra protection. If you opt to change your gutters, aluminum is highly recommended by experts. Aluminum doesn’t invite rust, long-lasting and offered in different colors.

Inspect your roof

Your roof does the heavy work of protecting you against the blazing heat, rain, snow and hail. Make sure to take care of your roof to avoid minor problems becoming huge ones. If you are not afraid of heights, do an assessment from a set ladder. You must check for curled or missing shingles, cracked caulk around pipe collars, flashings that are pitted and rusted, skylights and other roof problems.

Make sure your yard is sloped

Forming a slope in your lawn that leads water away from your house can help by protecting the foundation against pooling water and also stop leakages in the basement.

Trim trees and shrubs

Spring is a perfect time for trimming the trees and shrubs around your house – start early to avoid overgrowing leaves and while you can still see the limbs. Make sure to keep branches away, about 5-7 feet, from your home.  Trimming will help prevent moisture in your siding and roof. It will also discourage raccoons and squirrels from making a home in your roof space.

Waterproof your basement or crawl space

If you have experienced flooding in your basement or crawl space or have seen cracks in your basement walls, it’s a good time to consider waterproofing. Waterproofing in Victoria BC helps in making sure that your basement or crawlspace is dry aside from protecting the foundation of your home.

Ensure good drainage

Good drainage is another key factor to a happy home. To make sure that your home is well protected, apart from keeping away basement leaks, termites, mould, and mildew, make sure that the soil around your house is sloping away from the foundation walls at a minimum of 6 vertical inches over 10 feet. That will ensure snowmelt and rainwater will move away far enough to prevent any problems.


When is It Time to Replace Your Home Windows?

For many homeowners, knowing when to replace home windows is crucial as unattended broken home windows increase the risk of wasting money on energy expenses and worsening the extent of the damage. At the end of the day, determining how often to replace your windows can aid you in staying on top of them as they reach the end of their life.

Below are signs that might help you in deciding when to have your windows replaced by First Response Glass.

The window is difficult to open and/or close.

Struggling to open or close your windows isn’t part of your job. If you notice that the tracks on your windows aren’t functioning properly, then it may be a sign to replace them. If you are searching for an easy fix to get you for another season, you can rub the tracks and the window frame using dishwashing soap. This can help in making them glide easier and will give you enough time to save money for the replacement.

Your home feels drafty.

Another sign that indicates your window has aged is the existence of shrinkage or breakage that allows warm air to go out of your house during the winter season, which reduces your home’s energy efficiency. If you notice that your electric bill is out of proportion, you can check by placing your hand in one of your windows to know how much air is going out.

The window sill collects moisture.

If you see paint damage on the walls surrounding your window, moisture might be the culprit. These minor issues may eventually result in extensive repairs that will have you paying for a large amount of money, so it’s important to have your windows replaced promptly.

The window won’t stay open.

If you are having problems in keeping your windows open, and having to place a piece of wood just to prop it open, then it is high time that you have your window replaced. This problem can pose danger to you and your family, especially if you have kids. It is important to have your windows replaced before fingers get caught.

For all your Victoria glass needs, contact First Response Glass in Victoria BC.

How to Disguise Security Cameras Around Your Home

Part of many security measures homeowners can integrate into their home security system are security cameras. Making use of these small and portable cameras by concealing them around the home for added security is easy to learn. Read the tips listed below from Victoria BC Security Systems company Security & Cellular to sufficiently disguise and use your surveillance cameras for increased home security.

Strategically Placed Cameras

Offering the homeowner the ability to monitor activity in real time the cameras are most effective when placed as follows:

  • Install in common areas ( living room, kitchen, toy room )
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting
  • Position the camera to capture wide angles for full surveillance angles

Proper placement of cameras allows homeowners to identify and respond promptly to potentially hazardous situations with the ability to track activity even while away from home. Hidden cameras can serve as visual and evidence in the following situations.

  • Babysitter neglecting children
  • Healthcare provider mistreating an elderly patient
  • A visitor stealing belongings from the home
  • Any attempt to break into the home
  • An alarm event is triggered

Hide cameras in common household items

The choice of everyday items around the house where they will blend into the natural surroundings is the best way for them to avoid detection.

  • Artificial plants, by placing the small camera in a flower pot you can them use the leaves to prevent its discovery
  • Curtain rods offer a position of higher placement and are less likely to be detected
  • Hollow books, when placed inside a hollow book and surrounded by other books the camera will be virtually undetectable
  • Plush toys hidden inside a child’s plush toy allows you to keep an eye on your child and the babysitter
  • Tissue boxes, try cutting a small opening in the side of a tissue box helps you be aware of any suspicious activity while you’re away.

Adhere to local regulations

Before installing surveillance cameras always check with any local laws that may prohibit their use. It can be unlawful to film anyone without their consent, and never film anything in a restroom. When used legally and appropriately hidden cameras can be a useful tool for homeowners concerned about the safety of their family and security of their home. Contact Security & Cellular Plus we’re here to answer any questions regarding the security of your home.


To Mount or Mat Fine Art?

Great photographic fine art printing deserve to be prominently displayed. There are a variety of ways for displaying pictures – mounting or matting, for instance, either of which utilizes unique materials and have varying final outcomes. The optimum choice for each artwork or photo greatly depends on how significant they are, how they are printed and what’s the desired display preference. Knowing the various methods and their advantages and disadvantages will help you in determining what options you must take on how to prepare your work for display.

Knowing what’s mounting and matting will give you an idea on how to properly put emphasis on the print for display. Mounting or matting a printed works will aid the viewer in considering the image as more than an object and as an important artwork.


To safeguard your image against bending or creasing, to get it ready for framing or to maintain its firmness while it’s hanging on the wall, it is important to have your image mounted on a strong backing. Mounting refers to sticking a print into a backboard. Mounting has three main methods: First, fully adhered the print to the board with the use of the dry-mount process. Second, the print is retained on the board using photo corners. And lastly, the print is adhered in place at points using hinge-mounts. If you opt to mount the image into a backboard without a window mat, then it’s vital that the image is attached in a manner that the adhesive is not visible like the folded hinges or dry-mount tissue.


Matting is commonly used on works that are done on paper, like prints, drawings, and watercolor paintings. Mats are visible all over the edges of an artwork and come in various colors and materials. Oftentimes, double-matting is used to help emphasize the colors in an artwork; one of the layers may have a neutral color and the other layer has a tint that’s in the art.
For images covered with glass and added matting layer may be recommended to offer more separation between the glass and the artwork. Paper tends to swell in higher humidity and if it makes contact with the glass it may stick to it, which may result in perpetually harming the image.

Mats have three different types. Decorative mats are the least costly and are made from wood pulp that has been reduced to a neutral pH, which means that as it fails it will not leak acids that could harm the artwork. The most used and popular mats are made from lignin-free and acid-neutralized wood pulp which are expensive but can last longer.

Be sure to contact Luminious Print for all your fine art printing in Vancouver needs.

What Is a Dumbwaiter

A good way to describe a dumbwaiter might be to think of it as a small scale freight elevator to move food, laundry and other items from one floor to another. They are not intended to be used by animals or people and can be useful as a portable serving stand or table. They’ve been in use for a long time in restaurants and large, older, private homes and can be handy for moving meals, dishes for example from the kitchen to another level of the home or restaurant. A basic dumbwaiter is designed using shafts, pulleys and ropes to move it between floors. The more modern version can include an electric motor and is similar to  a smaller version of a passenger elevator.

Earlier, simple versions were in use throughout Europe before the 1930”s and consisted of a metal or wooden frame. Basically a box suspended within a shaft with ropes to pull it between floors. These primitive dumbwaiters were widely used in European restaurants as well as  restaurants in larger cities in the United States in the 19th and early 20th Centuries.  Orders were often shouted down the shaft and the filled order was then loaded and delivered to the dining level.  The ropes used at the time were prone to stretch until they tore and pulleys with thin or shallow wheels that were easily pulled off track would up unceremoniously depositing the contents of the dumbwaiter.

Often the simplest ideas are the best ones and beginning in the 1930’s the simple dumbwaiter, long acknowledged for its’ usefulness was modernized. Employing an electric motor and automatic moving systems improved the sometimes faulty rope and pulley system used in earlier models. Some modern dumbwaiters are available with a higher weight capacity and outperform the unsteady dumbwaiters in use in the early 1930’s. Still in use in office buildings, factories and shops to move products with benefits in today’s work world although they play a less prominent role. With the  many multi level homes being built today  the dumbwaiter may find a renewed usefulness in residential settings.

Searching for Home Elevators in Vancouver, contact Russ at Home Elevators of BC.

7 Places To Get Free Moving Boxes

Moving is already a costly undertaking and most of us would rather not pay for something we’re only going to recycle later. With the move towards less packaging, finding boxes free of charge can be just one more item on the list, unless you know where to look. Storage Zone In Lubbock has compiled the following list of places that are a good resource for free moving boxes.

  1. Craigslist. A search of the free section ( under the for sale heading ) is usually a great source for free boxes suitable for moving your belongings. Often people will give boxes away to avoid the hassle of recycling them.
  2. Liquor/wine stores. Ask for boxes with lids to keep items safely packed during the move. Boxes from liquor stores tend to be small and sturdy, perfect for moving books, CD’s, DVD’s or fragile items.
  3. Book stores. A great place to find boxes especially made to pack and move your books safely.
  4. Grocery stores. Although it’s getting harder to get your hands on boxes here with the trend towards less packaging it’s worth a try. Apple boxes with lids are strong and a safe way to move your fragile items.
  5. Dollar stores. With a Dollar store on almost every corner they’re busy and unpacking deliveries on a daily basis so don’t overlook this opportunity. If you don’t have any luck at first enquire as to their delivery times/days and ask to pick up their boxes before they recycle them.
  6. Office supply stores. Office supply need to be packed in sturdy boxes and often come with a lot of packing material that the stores don’t reuse. Check out  Staples or Monk Office Supplies to find good moving boxes for free, ask for boxes from printer/copier paper. These are perfect for moving pots, pans and books etc. – bonus the boxes often come with lids so will require less packing tape.
  7. Restaurants/ coffee shops. McDonalds fry boxes are another source for sturdy boxes, the fries are sipped frozen with no trace of grease they’re  clean. Coffee shops that are busy like the Starbucks on the corner are another good place to find lots of free boxes for your move.

Need more suggestions for finding free moving boxes or other helpful moving tips, contact us at The Storage Zone.

5 Benefits of Creating a Basement Suite

Some homeowners consider the possibility of renovating their basement and have it rented; however, there are reasons that hold them back from the idea. For rent basements, also known as secondary suites, are defined as a separate dwelling place inside a single detached home. A lot of these secondary suites are basement suites. But did you know that having a basement suite can provide you a range of benefits?

Below are five advantages of having a basement suite:

Additional Income

One of the main benefits a homeowner gets from a basement suite for rent is the extra steady income they get from renters. The extra income could go to savings, bills payment or other home expenses. The income could also be used for expenses in maintenance.

Tax Benefits

Owning a rental property such as a basement suite entitles the homeowner to a number of tax breaks, which is helpful when it comes to filing the tax. This can be considered as the second most advantage of having a basement suite for rent.

The government provides owners of rental properties with privileged tax breaks like depreciation, which owners to utilize paper losses to balance any profit they make on the rental. Losses that come from depreciation can also be utilized to balance other taxable income an owner might have.

Property Appreciation

The value of a house increases once it is extended, like creating a basement. According to a number of real estate agents, creating a basement provides the best per square foot value on any renovation works. Prospect buyers will normally appreciate the value of houses with basement apartments, which in turn raise their value compared to houses without basements that are on the market.

Flexibility for Family

A lot of homeowners truly value having a basement apartment since they also allow the flexibility for accommodating other family members or even friends. Parents can lease their basement to their children, whether if they are single or married. In the same way, children can also rent their basement apartment to their in-laws. Also, a basement apartment is useful if family or friends are in town.


Another great benefit for homeowners of having a basement apartment rented is the increased security level. Since there will be more people living on the property aside from the owner’s family, the chances of being somebody in the premise to watch out for burglars or trespassers will increase. And, if the homeowner decides to go out of town for a vacation, they can always ask the tenants to look after the house.

If you are looking for a basement suites contractor in Victoria BC, contact LIDA Homes.

Prevent Spring Flooding

Trees showing their new buds and the odd flower poking it’s head through the ground are welcome signs that Spring has finally arrived.  Those April showers that come along with Spring are not so welcome and a lot for your yard to handle what with the ground thawing at the same time. Improperly graded yards really create a problem as water puddles and all this moisture has nowhere to go. The soggy conditions spell disaster for lawns and plants when saturated roots lose oxygen and plants suffocate.  To remedy water pooling in your yard regrading is recommended at least 1 inch for every 5 ft of turf. If this does not fix the problem you may need to install a perimeter drainage system.

Not only is your yard and all your hard work threatened, but the next place that runoff water will go  is the cellar or basement of your home. And that water seeping  through any existing cracks or leaks in your foundation will cause even more damage. The damage to floorboards rusting appliances and soggy carpets and drywall that are a breeding ground for mould and mildew. Here’s the good news this type of damage can be prevented altogether by making some changes.

Gutters and downpipes are your first line of defense in preventing water from causing damage to your home. Of course keeping gutters clear of debris and in good repair is just common sense. To carry water away a sloped leader should be attached to each gutter and guide water at least 10 ft away from the foundation. If these measures are not enough to keep water away from your foundation there are  other ways such as installing a drywell which requires professional installation.

In regions of the country such as Calgary,  Spring rain, melting snow and the ground thawing can result in water damage to your home and belongings. Despite your best efforts you can wind up with unseen water or mold infesting your home. At Calgary Water & Flood we’re here to help with our home restoration services and get your home safe, dry and comfortable again.

Benefits of a Pool Cover

A backyard pool is a bit of a luxury so you might wonder how purchasing a pool cover could prove beneficial. It’s simply this, a pool cover allows you more time to enjoy your pool instead of spending time doing maintenance. To sort through the various options and benefits we’ve gathered the following information and listed the good and bad of each one.

Bubble Covers or Solar Covers


Good for use on either in ground or above ground pools, bubble pool covers easily float on top of the water. Their ability to trap the heat when the pool is not in use reduce the cost of heating your pool saving you money and can extend the pool season. Cut to fit the size of your pool, they reduce electricity, cleaning costs and chemical loss. They are not a safety cover and anyone accidentally falling onto it could become trapped underneath.


Pin Down or Winter Covers


Manufactured in either mesh or vinyl they are secured to the pool deck at the end of the season. Primarily for in ground pools they can be used on above ground pools as well and their primary purpose is to be used winterize your pool and require installing anchors.


Solid Vinyl Pin Down Covers


When properly installed they act as a safety cover and in an emergency hold a person’s weight. While they reduce heating, cleaning and chemical costs a big drawback is too much water accumulation on top require using a pool cover pump.


Mesh Covers


A mesh pin down cover will keep leaves and other debris out of your pool and for this reason can hold a lot of weight. Any rainwater will leak through the mesh with no buildup, so can be a good winter cover. Once again they are not considered a safety cover as they are unable to hold much weight, add to that there is no savings on heating or chemical costs they may not be the best choice.


Automatic Safety Pool Covers
Widely recommended by professionals these covers check most of the boxes and are easy to remove with the push of a button or turn of a key. Ease of operation make theme ideal for everyday use plus the reduce evaporation and chemical loss and keep the pool cleaner. Acting like a solar blanket studies have proven they will pay for themselves within a few years. Along with the cost savings is the safety feature that when closed they are locked and prevent unwanted entry. Their ability to hold a large amount of weight ( think waterbed here ) qualify them as a true safety pool cover. The biggest drawback is the initial cost of $5,000 to $15,000 and any accumulated rainwater must be pumped off to prevent drowning risk. Made to work with rectangular pools the are not an option for most free form pools. Need more information, contact Katchakid for all your pool cover needs.

Tips For Designing Your Own Custom Home

Designing a custom home that will be your dream home requires careful planning. It’s an opportunity to design a unique space made just for your family. The six designer tips listed below will help as you create your dream home. Thanks to Lida Homes for providing these tips.

Start Simple

You don’t need any special software as you begin to design your custom home. Just a pencil and paper to list what features you would like and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Even a rough outline of a floorplan with a list ideas you may have seen in a magazine before to get started.

Think About The Future

This home is meant to take you into the future so consider if you plan on having children or expanding your present one. Do you need a guest room. home office or a flex space of some kind?  Is it possible that aging parents might share your home or would an in law suite be an option. As you design your dream home consider how things could change in the future.

Showcase & Maximize The Lot

If you already own the property you plan to build on you may already have decided where to build the structure. Be sure to consider the topography, size and best features of the property. A location to take advantage of any views, naturescapes or being able to keep an eye of children at play need to be considered. A home that looks good on a sloped lot will look quite different on a flat piece of land.  

Prioritize Features

As you look over that list you made earlier of features you really would like it’s a good idea to put them in order of importance. With so many luxuries to choose from you can easily end up with a budget out of control, decide what your personal must haves are.

Consider Function And Flow

As you and your custom home designer in Victoria BC start to decide where each room should be located consider how the final design will flow and how each space will function for your family. An example might be placing bedrooms away from communal areas of the house. Kitchens can be a gathering place for families so an open plan with easy flow to the living room might be ideal.

Reflect On Light

Light or the lack of has a big effect on people, especially during winter months. For those of us living in the Pacific Northwest taking advantage of natural light in the home is a priority. The direction windows face and window size should be considered, even installing skylights allow natural light to flood your home. Taking time in the planning stages with the above tips in mind will have you enjoying your custom home for many years.

if you require a custom home builder in Victoria BC, contact Lida Homes to start the process of building your dream home.

During a home renovation, should painting come last?

You’ve purchased a house, and it’s a great deal. You saved a lot of bucks. Now it’s time to renovate, but you have no clue where to start.

Renovations, when done correctly, can refresh, revive and energize a small part of your house or your whole house for that matter. If you are planning to do a home renovation project that involves various works including painting, you may wonder if paint must be applied first or last during the home renovation work. So, should painting come first or last? Read on and let Paint Works help you find the right answer.

What’s best for you?

This is one great example of a “chicken and egg” question that nobody seems to have a definite answer for. The answer is, it depends on your situation.

For most people, instinct would tell them to have the walls painted first to avoid dripping paint into the newly made floors. Although it is possible to just sand away some paint stains, it is not always that easy.

One way of knowing what work must be done first is to determine the amount of dust and debris estimated to float in the air. It is important to know that paint brushes and paint mixtures can easily become soiled by small airborne particles. This will affect the quality of work as it concerns the colour and texture of the paint.

If this is the case and floor sanding is required, it is highly suggested to do the floors first. This will let you remove all the dust after sanding before you proceed to paint. Dealing with dust problems prior to the painting job will give you an assurance that everything will finish great.

Try to use paper or plastic dust sheets to make sure that dust stays off of your newly painted walls. Covering the floor must not be done hastily. It is important that such work must be done properly and patiently to have full coverage and prevent any potential problem.

Don’t Rush

Lots of people get too excited and try to finish their renovation projects in haste. Bear in mind that one must spend adequate time planning and preparing for the different stages of the renovation to prevent any issues like splattered paints on the floors or floor debris splashed on the walls.

Thank you to Paint Works for stopping be. If you are looking for house repainting in Victoria BC, please contact them.

What Time Of Year Should You Prune Your Trees

Falling leaves and the crisp air comes as a reminder that the windstorms we experience here in Edmonton will soon follow. You may be wondering if it’s too late to prune some of those trees that might present a problem in the next few months. To answer some of your questions the Edmonton Arborists here at TimberTrim Tree Works have supplied the following helpful guidelines.

When To Prune

Mostly it depends on the reason to prune, for example light pruning and branch removal can be done anytime. Otherwise the deciding factor is the species of tree so keep reading for more expert advice.

Winter Pruning

The most common time to prune is during dormancy after the coldest part of the Winter is over. Vigorous growth is the result when you Winter prune should that be what you want to achieve. Some species ( eg maple, walnut, birch ) may “bleed” when the sap flows but is in no way harmful to the tree.

Summer Pruning

Pruning in Summer results in slowing the growth of certain branches when a “dwarfing “ of a given tree is the effect you want.

Pruning Flowering Trees To Encourage Flowering

Two guidelines to follow are trees that bloom in Spring should be pruned after the flowers have faded. Trees that flower in mid to late Summer when pruned in Winter or early Spring will flower more abundantly.

Fall is the one time you never want to prune because decay fungi spread spores profusely and healing of wounds seems to be slower at this time of year.

Pruning trees is a dangerous job and even a set of pruning tools in the hands of someone inexperienced could damage your trees. Better still why not save a tree and give us a call right now a TimberTrim Tree Work.

8 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry

As Victoria drain experts, our goal is protecting your basement from water. Here are a few tips on how to keep your basement dry.

#1 Landscape ground slope away from the foundation

This keeps water from pooling against the foundation which will eventually end up in your basement. If you slope the ground away from the house it will keep water flowing away from the foundation.

#2  Properly functioning gutter and downspouts

If you don’t have gutters they will need to be installed, this is a very important step in waterproofing in Victoria BC because of the amount of precipitation we have here. If you already have gutters clean them regularly and make sure the downspout is extended a minimum of 5 feet away from the house.

#3 Use gravel and rock surrounding your house and your perimeter drain

Many issues we see with perimeter drains Victoria BC have to do with the materials used. Unfortunately materials that hold moisture will wreak havoc with basements. It’s much better to use something that doesn’t hold water- like a gravel or rock.

#4 Use Metal Window Wells

Again it’s just as much what you do on the exterior as the interior to passing drain inspections Victoria BC. Many basement windows aren’t constructed properly and will collect and retain water. To alleviate this problem use metal window wells that have been filled in with gravel or rock.

#5 Use Water Resistant Paint

It’s very true that you get what you pay for and exterior paint is no exception. Cheap paints that are non water resistant will allow water to seep through. Don’t skimp on paint, you’ll end up spending more to repaint and get rid of excess moisture.

#6 Vent Appliances Outdoors

This may seem like a no brainer but it’s amazing to see how many bathroom vents have been installed by shady contractors and not vented outside. Ensure your vents actually go outside and you’re a huge step closer to conquering your moisture problem.

#7 Use a dehumidifier

A great tool for musty basements!

Unsure if your basement is dry? Contact Wet Coast Drainage Solutions to learn more about their drainage inspection service in Victoria BC.

How Do Solar Panels Work

Edmonton solar panels are based on a modern but extraordinarily simple tool that transforms sunlight into electricity.

A solar panel converts the light from the sun directly into electricity. We use electricity in the majority of our day to day activities. Like turning on the lamp, electrons travel through the wire and lights up the bulb. The flow of electrons is known as electricity.

A single solar panel is composed of a number of small solar cells. Every cell utilizes the light from the sun to make electrons move. The solar cells are made from two various layers that are held together. The initial layer is filled with electrons, so electrons can easily transfer from this layer to the other layer. While the second layer has less amount of electrons on it so it can easily take in electrons.

How does a solar cell turn sunlight into electricity?

Inside a crystal, the bond among silicon atoms is composed of electrons that are shared among the atoms in the crystal. The light from the sun is absorbed, and the energy level of an electron that is among the bonds gets high enough and can move freely compared to when it was bound. That electron has the capacity to move easily in the crystal, and the result is a current.

Try to think of having a ledge, just like a mantelpiece on your wall, and you throw a ball on that ledge. That is the same with an electron attaining a high level of energy, and it will not fall.

Photons, which are packets of light energy comes in and it collides with electron going to the ledge and that energy stays there until it is collected through the use of electricity.

Powering Homes and Business Establishments with Solar Panels

Electrical current that leaves a module or an array of modules, goes through a wire channel that goes into an inverter. This tool, which looks like a waffle iron, transforms direct current that flows using a fixed current and voltage, into alternating current, which then runs with oscillating current and voltage. Every electrical appliance around the world operates on alternating current. From the inverter, the power coming from solar panels goes into a business or house’s circuitry or power plant and into the electrical grid of the region. An independent power system can create a self-contained circuit without having to connect to the grid. But, the off-grid system will need batteries to store the power for certain time like during night when panels can’t absorb enough sunlight.

Contact Solar Energy if you are thinking of getting solar panels for your home.

10 Places to Find Free Firewood

Tight on budget? Don’t want to spend too much on firewood? Be practical. Below are a few helpful tips from Flametech Heating on how to get free firewood with effort, the right tools, and a watchful eye.

Inquire for wooden pallets on stores.

Various consumer goods like furniture and construction materials are shipped or kept on wooden pallets. Sometimes, stores can’t return wooden pallets, don’t use them and are anxious in getting rid of them. You can ask these stores if you can have their wooden pallets. Pallets can be dismantled without trouble.

Go to the sawmill.

The whole purpose of the sawmill is to yield lumber that can be used from logs of trees; however, they do not use the whole tree. You can take this advantage by collecting the scraps that they will throw away and can surely use as firewood.

Volunteer to empty the landfill.

A lot of communities have reclamation areas where wastes like firewood are thrown away. Find out if your local landfill has free firewood. It depends on the size of the wood; you may not have to use a truck, but can just use the trunk of your car to carry it home.

Ask the tree removal companies.

Many tree removal companies are always searching for a place to throw away trees. If a company is working near your home, you can ask them for excess trees they will be throwing away and they might drop it off at your home or let you pick it up.

Visit new construction sites.

You can find free firewood at lands being cleared for commercial or residential development. Cleared trees and sturdy bush from this cleared land are perfect for firewood.

Ask property builders.

A builder’s’ job is to refurbish and demolish buildings, and sometimes they throw away or burn old lumber like cladding, floorboards, joints and others.

Check for downed trees after a windstorm.

A strong windstorm can bring down trees that landowners would remove later on. You may find that some homeowners need aid in disposing and removing these trees.

Explore woodworking shops.

Woodworking shops or hobbyist may have scrap woods they won’t be using. You can ask them if they can give it to you for these woods are great firewood.

Visit road log droppings.

In places where trees are harvested, you can sometimes find logs that fall off from logging trucks. These woods can be used as firewood.

Ask hydro line workers.

Hydro line workers regularly cut down trees or do brushing to limit tree growth around power lines. Although some of the brushings might run through a chipper, it is sometimes possible to talk about wood or brush removal which can help them save time and work.

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3 Reasons You Need to Hire Professional Plumber

For some homeowners, do-it-yourself repairs can sometimes be tempting when it comes to handling small maintenance setbacks. However, when it comes to plumbing in Victoria BC, it is much better to hire a professional plumber. Professional plumbers can provide a number of maintenance services that can help in preventing small problems from turning into big ones.

May it be a whole kitchen remodeling or fixing a leaky faucet, here are three reasons why you must hire a professional plumber to do the job:

Prompt and Safe Work

Professional plumbers have the right tools and equipment to do appropriate plumbing works and repairs without hassle. They also have the latest technology in the field of plumbing that makes them finish plumbing services and repairs promptly. These tools are the advantages that professional plumbers have over DIY enthusiasts. Services such as sewer line repairs, inspections, leak detection, excavation and more can be accomplished easily and correctly with the aid of their technology. The advantages of modern tools and technology don’t only help in plumbing services; they also play a huge role for you and your family’s safety.


The main reason some homeowners would go with unlicensed plumbers is to save money. Unlicensed plumbers may have skills when it comes to plumbing works and may also be considered as a good handyman; however, if you are hiring an unlicensed plumber, you are running the risk of having an individual doing improper work to fix plumbing issues.

Incorrect plumbing works will unavoidably lead to more problems in the future. These problems may not be easy to repair and may result in spending thousands to correct them. By contracting a licensed plumber, you can be guaranteed that the job performed is correct and further issues can be prevented.

High-Quality Work

A professional plumber can finish plumbing repairs more efficiently compared to an individual who has no training or experience. A professional plumber has the skills, training, know-how, experience and the mentioned tools. If a DIY enthusiast has to do his own plumbing repairs, he would have to remember everything before he starts to work. By the time an individual acquires the skills, know-how and tools to do the repair, another individual has already contacted, hired and finished a plumbing repair by a professional plumber.

When your supply of running water is cut off, time is important. A licensed plumber like Goodsense Plumbing & Drain Cleaning can repair your plumbing problems in as little as one day, helping you save time, money and worry.

How to Protect Furniture During a Move

Are you worried about the safety of your furniture during your move? Or you have old and expensive pieces that you don’t want to be damaged? Then it is important for you to properly plan your move for planning can greatly help in protecting your furniture from damage.

Below are a few helpful tips that can help you avoid damaging your furniture as you move. Bear in mind that some furniture pieces are bulky and heavy, so hiring Toronto professional movers can be a great help.

  1. Using pieces of cloth or towels, you can wrap them around legs of tables and chairs. This way can help in minimizing chances o f getting dents or damages if the legs get in contact with doors, door frames or floor. And, if you want your floor and carpets protected during the move, using this trick with another furniture with legs is also helpful.

  2. Keep your furniture from things that are present in the truck that may cause scratches or damage during moving. Secure loose items such as rakes, brooms, etc. that may damage or dent your furniture.

  3. It is vital to use clothes, towels and cloth pieces for fragile items before placing them in boxes. Also, make sure that you know what every towel or cloth contains and inform the movers about it to avoid damage.

  4. You may also put pillows and bedding between furniture in the truck to lessen friction and movement. This way can help avoid scratches, scrapes, and damages. Just make sure to wash your beddings after moving before using them again.

  5. Mirror frames and pictures can be protected using cardboards. If you have kept their original boxes you can use them but if not you can just cover them with cardboard, it can also do the job.
    If you are taking apart your furniture, make sure to keep everything together. Place small pieces such as bolts, nuts, and screws into bubble wraps and bind them firmly to a piece of the furniture that they belong to so they will not get misplaced.

  6. And finally, a helpful tip is to hire professional movers – they have the experience and knowledge to properly keep your things from damage during moving. A dependable, professional mover can do the job much faster than you and you will not be involved in the packing and lose precious time. Movers in Toronto also have all the packing materials needed, and they know what to do and how much it would cost for optimum results.

7 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry

Since basements are the lowest part of the house, they tend to draw unwanted water. Having leaks in your basement can be a pain; they pose big problems for health reasons, structural integrity, and cleanliness. Below are a few tips to help you make sure you have a dry basement. You can always have a perimeter drainage contractor in Victoria BC help install some waterproofing around the basement’s exterior. 

  1. Install a Dehumidifier 

In most environments, a dehumidifier is a great way for controlling home climate. For basements has the tendency to accumulate more humidity compared to other parts of the house. If your basement is prone to getting wet, then a dehumidifier is essential.


  1. Grade Your Property

Water goes into areas with minimal resistance, so if your land is inclined to your home, chances are, rainfall and moisture will accumulate at the base and slips its way inside. Land must angle away from your house.


  1. Ventilate the Area

To eliminate air from a wet basement, dehumidifiers can be installed. It may be important to make temporary ventilation by opening doors or windows and running fans. If you have an air circulation option in your furnace for ventilation, then this can come in handy to eliminate air from the basement.


  1. Use Landscaping Rocks

Landscaping using rocks or gravel surrounding your home can help in making sure the water stays out of the structure of the house.


  1. Attend the Air Leaks

In most houses, the part where flooring meets the foundation can be a way for moisture to get into. Small entry points such as vents, seals on basement windows and others let moisture and water in, particularly during downpours. If your vents or windows are leaky, then seal it using a silicone sealer or foam weather stripping.  You will need to ventilate through to make sure everything is dry.


  1. Look for Cracks

Cracks in the foundation can be a problem for many homeowners because it can be an entry point for many leaks. This problem can be sealed either inside or outside of the house, but you must ask assistance from a professional to make this repair.


  1. Check Downspouts and Grading Issues Outside 

If there is moisture accumulating outside the foundation, then it can be hard to keep things dry inside, and even sealants can hold it out if there is constant moisture outside the house. To ensure that water runs away from the foundation, make sure that downspouts are positioned at least four feet from the house. Another way is to check the grading all over your house for parts where water runs down going to your house and regarding such areas.

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Advantages of Hiring a Custom Home Builder

Everyone dreams of owning a house. Naturally, no one wants to live in an apartment forever. Imagine going home to a property you own at the end of the day. Today, many people who want to own a house are seeking assistance from custom home builders. Since homeowners want to build a house that is based on their wants and specifications.

Below are the following advantages of hiring Victoria custom home builders to help you with your house.

Custom Design

Probably the most vital advantage of a house that’s built with the help of custom home builders is that owners get just what they want. They pick a floor plan and modify it based on their choices.

An owner has lot choices to make, from granite countertops, marble, hardwood floors. The owner also has the benefit of choosing the style and color of walls, cabinets, shelves, and carpets.
The owner can choose the types of light fixtures, doorknobs, and windows. Indeed, the whole process of designing one’s home can be fun and exciting.

You Have Full Control Over Your Home

This is another advantage you can enjoy from working with a custom home builder. Hiring these contractors gives you full control of all the things you want for your house. You will love the freedom and opportunity to pick the items you want to be part of your new home.

Exactly What You Want, No More and No Less

Another good thing about having custom home builders is that owners can get the most out of their money. No wasted rooms, useless space or paying a part of the house that you don’t want. Instead, homeowners will get the most of what they want from their budget.

Affordable Services

A lot of future homeowners would think that hiring a custom home builder will cost more compared to a normal contractor. But, this isn’t always the case. For example, you have bought a house that’s already been built. There will be parts of the house that you would like to change based on your preference. Modifying such parts of the house actually will cost you a lot of money. So it is much better for you to first make a layout and have a contractor build your house. This is to make sure that everything you want will be constructed, thus, saving you money.

Eliminates Frustrations

Asking help from a custom home builder can help eliminate disappointments or frustrations. This is because everything you want and plan for a house will be constructed. In the end, you will not do not have a house that has details that you can’t do anything about.

Contact LIDA Homes if you are thinking of building a custom home in Victoria BC.