10 Places to Find Free Firewood

Tight on budget? Don’t want to spend too much on firewood? Be practical. Below are a few helpful tips from Flametech Heating on how to get free firewood with effort, the right tools, and a watchful eye.

Inquire for wooden pallets on stores.

Various consumer goods like furniture and construction materials are shipped or kept on wooden pallets. Sometimes, stores can’t return wooden pallets, don’t use them and are anxious in getting rid of them. You can ask these stores if you can have their wooden pallets. Pallets can be dismantled without trouble.

Go to the sawmill.

The whole purpose of the sawmill is to yield lumber that can be used from logs of trees; however, they do not use the whole tree. You can take this advantage by collecting the scraps that they will throw away and can surely use as firewood.

Volunteer to empty the landfill.

A lot of communities have reclamation areas where wastes like firewood are thrown away. Find out if your local landfill has free firewood. It depends on the size of the wood; you may not have to use a truck, but can just use the trunk of your car to carry it home.

Ask the tree removal companies.

Many tree removal companies are always searching for a place to throw away trees. If a company is working near your home, you can ask them for excess trees they will be throwing away and they might drop it off at your home or let you pick it up.

Visit new construction sites.

You can find free firewood at lands being cleared for commercial or residential development. Cleared trees and sturdy bush from this cleared land are perfect for firewood.

Ask property builders.

A builder’s’ job is to refurbish and demolish buildings, and sometimes they throw away or burn old lumber like cladding, floorboards, joints and others.

Check for downed trees after a windstorm.

A strong windstorm can bring down trees that landowners would remove later on. You may find that some homeowners need aid in disposing and removing these trees.

Explore woodworking shops.

Woodworking shops or hobbyist may have scrap woods they won’t be using. You can ask them if they can give it to you for these woods are great firewood.

Visit road log droppings.

In places where trees are harvested, you can sometimes find logs that fall off from logging trucks. These woods can be used as firewood.

Ask hydro line workers.

Hydro line workers regularly cut down trees or do brushing to limit tree growth around power lines. Although some of the brushings might run through a chipper, it is sometimes possible to talk about wood or brush removal which can help them save time and work.

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