I Need Housecleaning Help – What Do I Do?

People hire housecleaning services for various reasons.  Sometimes, the job is only a one-time or short-term job such as preparing a house for a move in or move out.  Some people hire housecleaning help on an on-call basis.  Others need cleaning services Vancouver on a regular weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.

You probably have a good idea of what kind of house cleaning Vancouver service you need and now you want to know what kinds of questions should you ask your candidates.

Before you ask the house cleaner…

First, ask some questions of yourself:

  • Referrals:  ask for referrals from friends and family who are happy with their cleaning service.
  • Frequency:  how often do you want house cleaning Vancouver services?
  • Special needs:  special needs can refer to specific tasks, scheduling, health issues, etc.

o   Which time of day and week do you need or prefer?

o   Are there specific areas or belongings of the house that you do not want to be cleaned?

o   Does anyone (or any pet) have chemical sensitivities or allergies?

o   Do you wish the house cleaner to use only your preferred cleaning products and equipment?

o   Do you have pets that will need to be secured during cleaning time?

o   Do you have standing appointments or errands that must be accommodated when scheduling house cleaning time?

Ask the future house cleaner…

Once you have identified what you want done, how, and when, create a list of questions for the future home maid services Vancouver.

  • Background:  ask for general information about each candidate’s background as a house cleaner – how long has the candidate been in the cleaning business, what services are provided, how many houses does the candidate clean, what sets that person’s cleaning services apart from others’?
  • References:  ask for and contact every reference.  References should be clients who have used the candidate’s cleaning services for at least six months.  You are seeking reassurance from each reference that the candidate does an excellent job and is to be trusted.
  • Written agreement of services and policies:  will the candidate provide a copy of what services will be provided as well as cancellation policy and payment forms accepted?
  • Rates:  what will the house cleaner charge to clean your house?
  • What won’t be done:  what types of jobs will the candidate not do, or only will do for additional payment?

Your sparkling clean house

You are about to build a new relationship that will hopefully be a long and happy one.  The success of it depends on clear communication, patience, trust, and a bit of trial and error.

It may take several cleaning sessions before your new house cleaner has got everything cleaned just right and in the time frame expected.   You may need to make some minor adjustments but the end result will be a clean house that is always welcoming to you and your visitors.