Home Painting Ideas


Is your home un-inviting? Are the colors out of date? Have your kids marked up your walls? Or have you bought a house where the previous owners had downright awful taste?

Well then it is probably about time you painted your home!

I felt this way when we bought out first home. The previous owners were in their 70’s. And the paint was straight out of the 70’s as well!

Lots of drab colors that’s for sure. This design flashback of the 70’s will give you a great idea of what our home looked like.

No matter what reason you have to paint your home, let me give you some advice.

Overall Theme

Every room in your home should have a theme. And each rooms theme should blend with eachother. You don’t want dark colors in one room and the room next to it to have warm colors.

So you need to sit down and think about an overall theme of colors. You want to be certain that the theme will be harmonious with the other rooms and furniture in that room.

Color Scheme

What you want to feel in your home can be done so by choosing color schemes for each room to fit your theme. Bejamin Moore has a great page onĀ how to choose a color scheme. They’ve got some great tips. I especially like idea of having one color and using different shades throughout the home.

This was one idea I contemplated as I really love the color blue and all the shades. From mint blue to baby blue and navy blue, I love them all.

In the end be certain you have the right color schemes. It’s costly to have to go back over and paint everything again. So take the time and make sure you are certain you love and I mean LOVE your colors.

Paint Finishes

Who knew there could be so many paint finishes! It’s bad enough you spent more than a few hours selecting colors. The paint companies thought it would be funny to through 5 or 6 different finishes into the decision making process.

The common paint finishes are:

  • Matte
  • Flat Enamel
  • Semi Gloss
  • Eggshell
  • Semi-gloss
  • Glossy

I don’t know enough about all the finishes but we ended up going with a matte finish as we didn’t want our walls to shine.

Just to a Google search or head into your local paint store for help on all the finishes.

Hopefully I have helped you out and understanding the process of painting your home. Another suggestion is to seek out the advice of painters in Victoria BC or any city for that matter.

Their experience will help you choose the right theme, scheme and finish for your needs.