What To Do Before Lighting The First Fire

Winter is arriving soon in North America, which means the time for spending evenings in front of the fireplace or woodstove is here. Before you get too far ahead of yourself, go through this list of things to do before you light that first fire of the season. Following each item on this list will help you have a positive experience in front of the fire throughout the coming months.

Get your fireplace or woodstove inspected annually

Professional chimney technicians and wood stove inspectors like Flametech Heating have the skills necessary for getting your wood burning system clean and checking whether any repairs should be completed. This includes sweeping your chimney to remove debris and soot, which will prevent chimney fires from occurring.

Some problems that a technician for wood burning systems will catch are cracked or loose bricks, cracks in flue lining, and damage to mortar. Flue lining with even a small crack in it can be the cause of a house fire, while damage to bricks and mortar are likely to allow moisture to get into the chimney system. Moisture in a chimney should be addressed as soon as possible, to stop the damage from getting too big.

Fireplaces that are fueled by gas should also be inspected. This inspection should include having the blower looked at, as it is possible for dust to clog it if it isn’t properly cleaned.

Have a chimney topper installed

A cap on your chimney can be useful for for keeping bugs out and for stopping moisture from getting in. A cap with a wire mesh spark guard in particular will prevent embers from flying out of the chimney, thereby preventing unwanted fires from starting.

Consider which type of firewood you should get

Before you buy the cheapest wood you can find, take some time to think about what will really work best for you. Some firewood is designed to burn longer than others, and some types will also deposit more creosote–a flammable substance–into the chimney.

If you need a gas stove or woodfire place in Victoria BC, contact Flametech Heating.


If you want firewood that will not leave behind lingering flames past when the logs have finished burning, softwoods are the right choice for you. Seasoned hardwoods, on the other hand, are designed to burn longer.


Know how to place logs in the fireplace and get the fire going safely


You should not fill your fireplace with too many logs, as this can create a fire that is too hot–increasing the chances for a chimney fire and for the flue to become damaged.


To get your fire going, using dry kindling is a safer option than any flammable liquids.


Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub in Calgary

Many people associate outdoor hot tubs with the summer, when outdoor get togethers with friends are more frequent and it’s all around more pleasant to spend leisure time outside of the house. Because hot tubs are thought to be best used in the summer, many people make that initial purchase in the spring in order to gear up for the coming warm weather.

But spring and summer are not actually the best time of year to buy a hot tub in Calgary. Here’s why you would be better off starting your shopping in the winter or perhaps the fall.

Hot tub dealers are more likely to have sales and promotions in the winter

If most people in Calgary who are in the market for a hot tub start looking for one in the spring, businesses that sell hot tubs have less reason to put their products on sale during this season. Of course, you can find some sales at any time of year, but certain seasons are going to be better than others. Just like summer clothes go on sale at the end of the season, hot tubs are more likely to be cheaper outside of their prime seasons, the spring and summer.

So even if you’re not planning to use your hot tub until the cold weather disappears, you’ll benefit from doing some browsing now. And as you’ll find out next, using your hot tub in the winter isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Using a hot tub in the winter is more relaxing, therapeutic, and fun

We get it: Calgary winters are brutal. The last thing you may think you want to do is spend your leisure time outdoors, unless you’re at the ski hill or maybe playing in the snow with your kids. But sitting in the warm water, relaxing and stretching out a bit can do you a lot of good if you’re less active in the winter. It’s a great alternative to curling up on the couch, and it’s something a little out of the ordinary, too.

And what about if you’re active in winter sports? The great news for you is that the warm water and jets of hot tubs can be used to improve your recovery time, increase your energy levels and circulation, and help you get a better night’s sleep.

As you can see, most anyone can benefit from buying and using a hot tub during Calgary winters. Contact World Of Spas in Calgary to find the right hot tub for you.