Why Is A Pool Fence Important For Safety?

Getting a pool fence installed around your outdoor backyard pool is important for several reasons. Of course, it is an essential means for keeping your kids and their friends safe, so they cannot even accidently get into the water when the pool not supervised. Another reason that you should have fencing around your pool is that your home insurance will require it. That’s because having this safety barrier will reduce liability should anything go wrong. So what are the specific requirements for what yours should look like? The short answer is that is depends on where you live and on what insurance company you are with. However, there are some more specific aspects of your pool fence that your insurance company may have specific regulations on.

The height of the pool fence

In general, it is required that your fence be at least 48 inches in height. However, some policies will require a higher height. For example, you may have to get a pool fence that is at least 6 feet tall. You may encounter a problem here if you Homeowner’s Association (HOA) or whatever organization it is that regulates your property does not allow you to have a pool fence this high. Keep in mind that only some insurance companies require that you have this higher height.

Pool gate

You may be required by your insurance to follow certain codes about the gate used within the fence. Often insurance companies will ask that you put a lock on the gate, in order that the pool fence will be truly secure. As well, the must open away from the pool, and the latch to open it have to be 54 inches above the ground at the least. The specifics may differ depending on your area and insurance, of course.

The spacing between the vertical and horizontal bars

The common regulation is that there be at least 45 inches between the bottom horizontal bar and the top one. The bottom horizontal bar should also be less than 4 inches away from the ground.  As well, there should be no less than 2 inches and no more than 4 inches space between each vertical bar of the fence. These regulations have been put in place in order to ensure that no one can successfully jump over the fence. As with other elements of insurance requirements, the specifics may differ depending on your coverage.

Why Move Your Family To Saanich BC?

The municipality of Saanich, British Columbia borders Victoria BC comprising, North, South and Central Saanich. The homes for sale in Saanich are so diverse is the area it covers that it offers all types of housing from condos to rural acreages.


Saanich as all of southern Vancouver Island does , basks in a very moderate climate and snow is a rare and short lived event. The hospitable environment provides readily available , farm fresh produce grown on peninsula farms.


Vancouver Island and Saanich is a scenic ride on BC Ferries from Vancouver, once you disembark you pass through the Municipality of Saanich. The stress slips away as easily as pictures of peaceful farmlands slide into view. With Victoria International Airport conveniently located in central Saanich, easy access allows departure for the business commuter or vacation traveller.


Indoors the area has several recreation centers for example Commonwealth Pool, Pearkes Recreation, gyms, pools and ice rinks afford year round activities. Elk Lake situated along the Pat Bay Highway is used by rowers, fishermen and swimmers alike. Living on Vancouver Island access to the Ocean whether you dip your toes in, fish or sail, the Ocean is never far away. Pleasure boaters and sailboaters can experience the many Gulf Islands or just a day or days lying at anchor. Hiking around Elk Lake or the more challenging trails at Mount Doug, an afternoon of horseback riding, or if golf is your passion, Saanich offers everything. Accessible from Mount Doug bike enthusiasts can ride the Lockside Trail North past the seaside town of Sidney right to Lands End. Peddle the Galloping Goose, a well used and developed trail system lands you in the Western communities or downtown Victoria.


Consider the lifestyle of living in the municipality of Saanich, good schools, libraries, recreation facilities and outdoor living literally at your doorstep. Restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, the arts, cultural, sports and live entertainment venues are there to enjoy. Whether a round of golf, world famous Butchart Gardens, Symphony Splash or relaxing on our deck it is truly a unique place to call home.

Why move your family to Saanich

Condo, townhome or single family home, maybe you’re looking for the more pastoral life of owning acreage, Saanich real estate provides something to fit your lifestyle. A haven from the big city hustle, a place to raise your family, retire or participate in laid back Island life, Saanich may be your next home.

Why Move Your Family To Nanaimo BC?

Lots of people are wondering if they should move their family to Nanaimo BC. This is a question that Sunrise Moving & Storage gets all the time.


A short 95 minute cruise from Vancouver aboard BC Ferries you will find yourself docking in the oldest city in British Columbia, Nanaimo. Originally a coal mining town, many traces are still evident of the city’s past as you explore Old Town and it’s historic storefronts.


Surrounded on three sides by waterfront it’s no surprise Nanaimo enjoys one of the mildest climates in all of Canada. With a population of 83,810 as of the last census in 2011, those who call the Harbour City home take advantage of moderate temperatures.


An easy stroll on the walkway from Departure Bay, past playgrounds as you observe sea life finds you in the Old Town. Check out the marina, or stop for lunch at a restaurant or the floating pub. Feeling more adventurous, head North of Departure Bay and there a more rustic trail affords breathtaking Ocean views.


Nanaimo has something to offer for everyone from the arts , it boasts many galleries or take in a play or live entertainment in the Port Theater. Dine at one of the many fine restaurants as part of your evening out. From golf, fishing, scuba diving on a sunken Navy ship or maybe an afternoon of rock climbing on the indoor rock wall the city has much to offer.

Things to do

Summer brings the famous Bathtub Race and the imagination of participants in designing their watercraft fashioned from tubs is a site to behold. Browse a local Farmer’s market or shop (there’s 12 indoor and outdoor malls ) something to be found for everyone. If the outdoor lifestyle is what you’re looking for hiking, camping and lake or Ocean fishing is at your doorstep.
Less than two hours away to the south is British Columbia’s capital city Victoria, or a drive to the West coast of the Island camp or watch surfers at Long Beach. Mt Washington to the north offers skiing and snowboarding for the enthusiast.

Why move your family to Nanaimo

Nanaimo is an affordable place to live, something increasingly difficult to find when searching for a place to call home. Less crowded, blessed with mild temperatures this waterfront city offers a wide range of outdoor or cultural opportunities to indulge in the West coast lifestyle. Contact Sunrise Moving and Storage if you are looking for moving companies in Nanaimo BC.

The Benefits Of Installing A Skylight

There is nothing a homeowner can install that has the impact of a skylight in an otherwise uninviting, drab room. From reducing energy usage  by providing natural daylight as well as other health benefits skylights offer the homeowner much worth having them installed by Kanga Roofing.  A great addition in bathrooms or other areas of new or existing homes where a window is not an option.

Health Advantages

The natural sunlight a skylight provides increases a person’s exposure to Vitamins D and B1. This leads to higher levels of serotonin, which elevates mood and helps prevent Seasonal Affected Disorder. Dark rooms contribute to the development of depression, drowsiness and fatigue. Natural light has the opposite effect and stimulates the brain, lowers blood pressure and decreases stress.

In addition the sunlight  from a skylight works against mold development, mold and mildew thrive in dark spaces. Mold invasion can lead to interior and exterior home structure damage and contribute to illness to inhabitants of the home. Plenty of sunlight flooding otherwise dark areas of the home will help to inhibit the growth of mold to the same degree without skylights.

Energy Savings

Less electricity is needed to carry out tasks due to the increase in natural light. The savings on electricity as well a heating costs due to the warmth of daylight filtering through your skylight make the addition a good reason to have one installed.

Increased Ventilation

Skylights can be regulated by means of a remote or by employing a crank inserted in the mechanism. The advantage in promoting ventilation throughout a room and the air quality, as well as providing a nice breeze on warm, stuffy days, cooling the room.

Add Value

Natural light is an important aspect when potential buyers are considering a home purchase, A The additional daylight a skylight brings to what might otherwise be a dark space, brightens and adds depth to any room. By adding this to your home it just could be the deciding factor when a buyer views your home.

Even homes in the moderate climates of southern British Columbia can enjoy the many benefits of skylights. The Vancouver roofers at Kanga Roofing are experienced in the installation, repair and replacement of skylights. A BBB accredited company, call for a free estimate.

How do tankless water heaters work?

If there is not enough hot water to go around in your household and you are having to wait to get it to the right temperature, you should know that there is a solution to this problem that can benefit you both practically and financially. Tankless water heaters heat up your water only when you need it, which is different from how regular tanks work. As well as our gas stoves & wood fireplaces in Victoria BC, we also sell and install this different type of heater. So how exactly do they work? Before we answer that, first we’ll look at how regular water heater work.

Regular water heaters keep the water heated constantly

Standard ones create standby heat loss, which refers to the energy that is being used to keep water at a steady temperature even when it is not being used. The tank holds the water and heats it on a continual basis. This is inefficient and is one reason you may want to switch over to on-demand hot water.

Tankless water heaters raises the temperature of hot water by using a heat exchanger

Heat exchangers can be found in refrigerators, car radiators, and air conditioners. What they do is transfer heat over to a different source from where it began. To create on-demand water, a heat exchanger transfers heat from an electric coil or a burner that is gas-based to wherever the water is coming out of, such as your kitchen tap. The water circulates through the exchanger when you turn on the tap and proceed to become heated to whatever temperature you set it to.

There are two types of tankless water heaters to consider

First, whole house heaters, as the name implies, can be used to heat every source of water in your home and they allow more than one source to be in use at a time. This can understandably be complex to setup and expensive to both install and maintain.

The other type is a point-of-use heater, which is smaller and can be used for one or two outlets. These are so small that they can fit right under the cabinet where the water comes out of, which is beneficial for lowering the amount of time it takes for the heated water to come out. Contact us to learn more about our Victoria tankless water heaters.