5 Things to do After a Fire

We often assume that our house will be safe from things like fires and floods, but in reality we can’t be protected from everything. In the case of a fire depending on the damage, you might lose a lot of valuables and need to repair your home, as well as deal with the emotional trauma of going through an event like that. Yet there are some helpful tips that can help you go through this type of event with less stress, and greater knowledge. You will be aware you will need to call a restoration company in Calgary at some point.

What to do First

Once the fire and rescue service do their duty and extinguish the fire, the property becomes your responsibility once again. If the damage is great enough that you can’t stay there, remove any valuables, and lock all windows and doors that there’s no chance of someone else coming in. Also, if you have an insurance policy that deals with house fires, call them to see what kind of cover you may receive.

Take Care of Your Health

If you were in the house during the fire, there may be a chance that you inhaled smoke, which can be further exacerbated if you have asthma or other respiratory problems. Even if you feel a bit unwell, see your doctor as soon as you can, and if you feel very unwell, make your way to the hospital through accident and emergency. Try to have someone go with you for support.

Seek Alternative Accommodation

If a large part of your home was affected by the fire, and you feel unsafe to enter it, arrange an alternative place to stay, perhaps with friends or relatives. If that is not an option for you, check your insurance policy and see if they cover a stay at a hotel while your house is being checked and repaired.

Checking Utilities

You may be tempted after the fire to turn utilities back on, such as the gas supply. However, it is important that you do not turn these back on until everything has been checked by a professional. If you do so without the aid of a professional, you are risking even more damage to your home.

Take Care of Your Emotional Health

If you find yourself reliving the event of the fire over and over again, it will be important to talk to a professional counsellor or therapist about the fire. Not only will you need to effectively clean your house to protect your physical health, but protecting your emotional health is just as important.

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Differences between residential and commercial elevators

An elevator designed for your home will be designed differently because each serves an entirely specific purpose. What are the differences?

Designed to carry different objects

Commercial elevators are often put in place out of necessity to get work completed efficiently moving items between floors. Elevators in restaurants where the space covers multiple floors and the kitchen happens to be on a lower floor helps transport meals safely. Cruise ships would be another commercial application for moving meals, tableware etc between floors where thousands of people are fed many times a day. Office buildings transport important documents and hotels move laundry and other items easily through what can be very large spaces. In many ways commercial elevators are used for a business to keep up with demand where efficiency is key. These elevators used to move smaller items for commercial use are called dumbwaiters and then there is larger ones we are more familiar with using. The ones installed to carry guests in hotels, cruise ships, large complexes or office buildings have a larger capacity.

Home Elevators

Home elevators in Vancouver are different in that comfort and style are often more important, the homeowner will likely want them to blend in with the home’s decor. With many large homes and all townhomes being built on multiple levels they would find a dumbwaiter convenient when transporting larger items. If your garage or main entrance is on the lower level moving groceries, prepared meals or laundry frequently would make installing a dumbwaiter an easy decision.You may opt  for the larger version of home elevator is an alternative to moving disabled or elderly people between floors allowing them to live independently.

Carry More

The home dumbwaiter used for carrying objects would allow a total weight capacity of 50 to 120 pounds, the ones for carrying passengers would have a higher capacity. Residential dumbwaiters can typically make up to four stops and go to 35 vertical feet. The commercial version is able to be programed for up to six stops with a maximum of 50 vertical feet. Elevators for carrying people will be able to hold more weight which determines the number of people at one time. Dumbwaiters have been around for a long time although originally they were moved between floors using a pulley system unlike the motorized ones now in use. Both commercial and residential applications benefit from the ability to move heavy items and people efficiently and with greater ease.

Contact Home Elevators Of BC if you have any more questions.


Five steps for choosing the right tree services

You do not want to find yourself becoming scammed by a tree service company, but these types of things do happen often. In order to prevent this outcome, we have compiled here a few ways for you to avoid hiring a service provider that will not provide the high quality level of services that you need. Here are our five steps for choosing the right tree services in Little Rock.

#1: Find out whether they are accredited by Better Business Bureau

Accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB) shows that a company like Schmitt Tree Service in Little Rock AR has taken the initiative to acquire a professional appearance, and it is often a sign that the company is willing and able to provide services that are up to par. After finding out whether a company has BBB accreditation, make a point to check what their rating is, too.

#2: Check for liability and workers compensation insurance

All reputable tree service companies will have the right insurance to ensure that you and they will be covered in case anything goes wrong. It is possible for a company to have created fraudulent insurance certificates in order to trick clients who might not know any better, but you can avoid this by get their insurance papers sent to you directly from the insurance agency. As long as the company has the right insurance, you will not become liable for any injuries or damage that occurs on your property.

#3: Search thoroughly for the best price

If the cost of a service with one company seems to be very low, it’s a good idea to look into what other companies in your area charge for that same service. Don’t get sucked into a good deal too quickly, without examining the competition.

#4: Don’t act too quickly after storms or disasters

After a storm or natural disaster, you may want to have your property cleaned up as soon as possible. However, tree service scams know this and can be just as quick to come to the rescue. Make sure to take all of the precautions mentioned already, and be extra cautious if any companies approach you.

#5: Don’t pay for services that haven’t been completed yet

No reputable company will make you feel pressured to pay for their services before they have done their job as well as is possible. Pay only after you have gotten what you need from your chosen tree services in Little Rock.

How to Successfully Check for Mold

Mold in your home should be dealt with as soon as you realize you have it. A problem arises when you can’t verify that mold exists, though. Often there will be a smell of mold or it will be visible on your walls or other surfaces. If this isn’t the case, here a few ways you can successfully check for mold in your home.

Observe whether you and others in your home have developed any health problems

If you constantly have a stuffed up nose, irritated eyes, a sore throat, or rashes, or you experience wheezing, you could have mold in your home and require removal. Only some people who have particularly sensitive bodies will experience these symptoms, so there is definitely more to look out for than these symptoms. More extreme conditions such as shortness of breath, lung infections, and fever can show up as a result of mold, too.

Turn off your fans and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems before you start looking

There’s a chance that if you start looking under couches or other hidden areas where mold may be present, you will spread the pores and allow the mold to grow further. To lower the possibility that this will happen, turn off everything in your home that increases the movement of air.

Check for mold in the areas that are most easily accessible first

Look in cabinets, on walls and ceilings, and in basements and bathrooms before you attempt to search deeper into the problem.

Talk with a professional before you get into the more difficult-to-reach spots

Mold likes to hide in the spaces we can’t get to, especially if there are moisture problems there. But before you look inside walls, take apart carpeting or do anything else more drastic, you should speak with a professional to get their advice or to get them on the case. If you have had moisture problems before, whether in your basement, on your roof, in a bathroom, or anywhere else, it is especially important that you see professional support.

Know the most common areas where mold likes to hide

If you’ve sought advice and will now do some groundwork yourself, you should be aware of the areas where mold commonly lies. This includes underneath carpeting and carpet pads, behind wood and drywall, on the outside of pipes, above your ceiling tiles, behind drapes and wallpaper, and on top of ductwork.

Whether you have identified the source of mold in your home or not, our services for mold removal in Calgary are here for you.