Trends In Kitchen Cabinets For 2016

Trends in remodeling come and go and  that’s evident in the heart of the home, the kitchen, a room that once was more functional than stylish. If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen here are some current trends in Victoria kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet trends have not changed as much as other elements and some are here to stay.

Personalized Cabinets

Cabinet companies offer a variety of styles and colours to match any style and decor so adding your personal touch can reflect your taste. This flexibility has even those who can afford custom cabinets opting for the more affordable option with semi custom cabinets.

Clean Lines and Subtle Design

Cabinet door styles have evolved into simpler styles, the use of clean lines keeps your kitchen from having a dated appearance. Black and white kitchens go perfectly with the sleek design and the crisp, clean look is visually appealing.

Use of Colour

Another trend in cabinet colours is the use of gray, the subtle use of neutrals and earth tones can give a feeling of warmth. Use of a neutral palette here allows you to introduce bold colours elsewhere in your home.

Functional Design

Every room in your home should blend function with design and nowhere is that more evident than in the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are designed to look appealing but provide storage, organization and ease of access. Utilizing every space above your cabinets,or install a drawer in your kick toe under the cabinets. A lazy susan makes good use of corner cabinets, consider pull out shelving, adding extra drawers to upper cabinets or other storage solutions.

Horizontal Cabinetry

A preferred design has been all squares and vertical rectangles, a new trend that’s emerging is horizontal cabinetry. Cabinets are getting wider so there is less need to stack cabinets to gain more storage for dishes, pots and pans. Horizontal design not only gives a much cleaner, refined look to the room but allows for greater ease of access.

High Tech Options

Today’s world is one where life is busy and we’re connected and kitchen designers are keeping up by introducing high tech options. Homeowners are adding cabinets with built in charging stations and  hands free functionality in some of the design elements. Recipes may not come from cookbooks anymore and can be researched online and tablet holders allow a convenient access. These innovations as well as other kitchen design trends have made our lives easier.

Thanks to Seaside Cabinetry & Design for their tips to help you understand the latest trends in kitchen cabinets.