Should My Arborist Be Insured?

In a nutshell, pardon the pun, yes. Insurance is designed not only to protect the customer but if you are the Edmonton arborist, it protects you as well! Trees can weigh many tons and their care, maintenance, removal, or trimming is all very risky work. If you do some of the following then you should have arborist insurance:

Landscaping: It may seem strange but if you do this you should have insurance. Landscapers have been known to hit water and electrical lines or accidently ruin or destroy rare plants or other things of value. Having insurance provides you an extra layer of protection from the unforeseen. Once you’ve had an accident, it’s too late to get insurance!

Tree pruning: Working dozens of feet in the air, often with windy conditions, on a large swaying tree near a home or power lines can be considered to be slightly risky work. It should come as no surprise then that having insurance to cover many of these aspects is important. Remember, insurance does not just protect the customer, it protects you, too! Falls, falling debris or limbs, dropping a limb on a car, or worse a person are all things that should be taken into consideration when deciding what kind of insurance to get. You don’t just want to protect yourself but your customers as well.

Tree removal: Perhaps one of the most high risk areas of being an arborist who does tree pruning is actually removing a multi-ton tree from a dense residential neighbourhood. Having insurance will not only give your customers better piece of mind but you as well.

Pest management: You should have insurance when dealing with toxic chemicals designed to kill things. Accidental overuse, exposure, misapplication, and other things can open you up to a suit or hurt your health.

So what should you do?

The first thing is before you ever start to work, for yourself or for others, talk to an insurance agent to find the right kind of insurance for your work. Price is important but it is not everything. You want a company that will be fair, be honest, and if you should need it, be willing to pay out. Their reliability is far more important than their bottom-line price. You will likely need a few different kinds of insurance – you will want insurance that protects you and your workers, that protects your clients and their property, and that protects your equipment and your business. Like with trees, taking proper precautions can help your business to grow and thrive for years to come.

How Often Is Exterior House Painting Needed

Your home represents a big investment so it’s important to take care of the exterior to protect the value of your home. When the paint on the outside begins to fade, chip and crack it needs to be addressed before it becomes a bigger problem. Tackling a job like that can be a daunting task that requires attention every 5 to 10 years. The colour of paint and climate in your part of the country all play a part in how often you will need to do exterior maintenance.

Ask yourself if the home’s exterior is still a reflection of your personal standards. Have you noticed any wood rot, also if you are considering selling your home how will a fresh paint job affect it’s value.

Maintaining the exterior of your home can extend the life of an exterior paint job. Taking time to deal with any issues as they occur with annual maintenance stops small problems from becoming bigger problems. Keeping gutters and downspouts free of debris prevents water backup from damaging the exterior of your home as well.

Here are some signs the exterior of your home needs painting from Paint Works:

  • is the paint chipping?
  • it is fading or peeling?
  • have you noticed any patches of bare wood?

Tips for exterior painting that will last

How you approach the painting project on your home’s exterior will make a big difference in how long it will last. When considering the quotes you’ve gathered from consulting professionals remember trying to save money now could end up costing you more down the line. A contractor who doesn’t pay attention to details could mean you’ll wind up needing to repaint in as little as one or two years. Preparing the wood surface and choosing the correct paint will extend the life of the paint job if done the right way.

Points to ponder regarding exterior painting projects

  • Don’t delay that paint job as unprotected wood may experience rot and need replacing adding to the expense of your project
  • Address all damaged surfaces before painting begins, sealing and caulking are necessary before starting
    Start with a clean surface prior to applying new primer or paint power washing may even become necessary
  • Using a paint primer is highly recommended to prepare the surface for paint and can extend the life of your exterior paint job
  • The type of paint used is important using a high quality paint that is durable and meant for exterior surfaces will extend the paint job

A paint job by professional painters in Victoria BC that is done correctly requires prep work and hiring an experienced painting contractor will ensure the job is done properly.

3 Kitchen Cabinets You Can’t Do Without

Kitchen cabinets provide storage space for food, dishes and cookware while keeping your workspace tidy and organized.  Once for utilitarian purposes your kitchen cabinets have  evolved to become a reflection of the overall design of the home. Every kitchen should have the following 3 types of kitchen cabinets to maximize its’  functionality. Here to help out is Seaside Cabinetry & Design.

Base Cabinets

The lower cabinets or base cabinets form the footprint of your kitchen are mounted to the floor with openings for appliances like the fridge and stove and house the dishwasher and sink as well. Supporting the countertops, the work surface you will use on a daily basis, contain sets of drawers and provide easier access when handling heavier items like pots and pans. A kitchen island in your design is built from base cabinets and installed onsite.

Wall Cabinets

Placed above your base cabinets and fixed to the wall are the upper cabinets, allowing convenience for storing dishes, glasses and any food items used more frequently. If storage in a smaller space or lots of storage space is needed the upper cabinets can be designed to make use of the full height of wall even to the ceiling. Kitchen design elements can have glass doors on some cupboards to display special dishes acting as a china cabinet while cabinets with regular doors will protect fragile or costly items. Primarily for food storage and items used everyday, baking supplies, flour, sugar and baking pans can be stored in cabinets that are less accessible.

Pantry/Utility Tall Cabinets

Installing a pantry or utility cupboard provides more storage than a lower and upper cabinet if you put those 2 together, with a full length cabinet from floor to ceiling you gain better storage. Small appliances kept in the utility cabinet keep countertops free of clutter and keep the kitchen looking tidier giving you more usable work surface. Great for storing extra canned goods, cleaning supplies, brooms even the microwave can be incorporated into the layout of this cupboard.

Whether you’re in the planning stages of a new build or remodeling your present kitchen the choices are only limited by one’s imagination. A kitchen designer can offer suggestions for a more functional layout, different cabinet door finishes, door hardware and countertops to suit your individual taste and budget.

Thanks to Seaside Cabinetry & Design. If you are looking for custom cabinets in Victoria, contact them today.