How to Protect Furniture During a Move

Are you worried about the safety of your furniture during your move? Or you have old and expensive pieces that you don’t want to be damaged? Then it is important for you to properly plan your move for planning can greatly help in protecting your furniture from damage.

Below are a few helpful tips that can help you avoid damaging your furniture as you move. Bear in mind that some furniture pieces are bulky and heavy, so hiring Toronto professional movers can be a great help.

  1. Using pieces of cloth or towels, you can wrap them around legs of tables and chairs. This way can help in minimizing chances o f getting dents or damages if the legs get in contact with doors, door frames or floor. And, if you want your floor and carpets protected during the move, using this trick with another furniture with legs is also helpful.

  2. Keep your furniture from things that are present in the truck that may cause scratches or damage during moving. Secure loose items such as rakes, brooms, etc. that may damage or dent your furniture.

  3. It is vital to use clothes, towels and cloth pieces for fragile items before placing them in boxes. Also, make sure that you know what every towel or cloth contains and inform the movers about it to avoid damage.

  4. You may also put pillows and bedding between furniture in the truck to lessen friction and movement. This way can help avoid scratches, scrapes, and damages. Just make sure to wash your beddings after moving before using them again.

  5. Mirror frames and pictures can be protected using cardboards. If you have kept their original boxes you can use them but if not you can just cover them with cardboard, it can also do the job.
    If you are taking apart your furniture, make sure to keep everything together. Place small pieces such as bolts, nuts, and screws into bubble wraps and bind them firmly to a piece of the furniture that they belong to so they will not get misplaced.

  6. And finally, a helpful tip is to hire professional movers – they have the experience and knowledge to properly keep your things from damage during moving. A dependable, professional mover can do the job much faster than you and you will not be involved in the packing and lose precious time. Movers in Toronto also have all the packing materials needed, and they know what to do and how much it would cost for optimum results.

7 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry

Since basements are the lowest part of the house, they tend to draw unwanted water. Having leaks in your basement can be a pain; they pose big problems for health reasons, structural integrity, and cleanliness. Below are a few tips to help you make sure you have a dry basement. You can always have a perimeter drainage contractor in Victoria BC help install some waterproofing around the basement’s exterior. 

  1. Install a Dehumidifier 

In most environments, a dehumidifier is a great way for controlling home climate. For basements has the tendency to accumulate more humidity compared to other parts of the house. If your basement is prone to getting wet, then a dehumidifier is essential.


  1. Grade Your Property

Water goes into areas with minimal resistance, so if your land is inclined to your home, chances are, rainfall and moisture will accumulate at the base and slips its way inside. Land must angle away from your house.


  1. Ventilate the Area

To eliminate air from a wet basement, dehumidifiers can be installed. It may be important to make temporary ventilation by opening doors or windows and running fans. If you have an air circulation option in your furnace for ventilation, then this can come in handy to eliminate air from the basement.


  1. Use Landscaping Rocks

Landscaping using rocks or gravel surrounding your home can help in making sure the water stays out of the structure of the house.


  1. Attend the Air Leaks

In most houses, the part where flooring meets the foundation can be a way for moisture to get into. Small entry points such as vents, seals on basement windows and others let moisture and water in, particularly during downpours. If your vents or windows are leaky, then seal it using a silicone sealer or foam weather stripping.  You will need to ventilate through to make sure everything is dry.


  1. Look for Cracks

Cracks in the foundation can be a problem for many homeowners because it can be an entry point for many leaks. This problem can be sealed either inside or outside of the house, but you must ask assistance from a professional to make this repair.


  1. Check Downspouts and Grading Issues Outside 

If there is moisture accumulating outside the foundation, then it can be hard to keep things dry inside, and even sealants can hold it out if there is constant moisture outside the house. To ensure that water runs away from the foundation, make sure that downspouts are positioned at least four feet from the house. Another way is to check the grading all over your house for parts where water runs down going to your house and regarding such areas.

Contact Wet Coast Drainage if you need waterproofing in Victoria.

Advantages of Hiring a Custom Home Builder

Everyone dreams of owning a house. Naturally, no one wants to live in an apartment forever. Imagine going home to a property you own at the end of the day. Today, many people who want to own a house are seeking assistance from custom home builders. Since homeowners want to build a house that is based on their wants and specifications.

Below are the following advantages of hiring Victoria custom home builders to help you with your house.

Custom Design

Probably the most vital advantage of a house that’s built with the help of custom home builders is that owners get just what they want. They pick a floor plan and modify it based on their choices.

An owner has lot choices to make, from granite countertops, marble, hardwood floors. The owner also has the benefit of choosing the style and color of walls, cabinets, shelves, and carpets.
The owner can choose the types of light fixtures, doorknobs, and windows. Indeed, the whole process of designing one’s home can be fun and exciting.

You Have Full Control Over Your Home

This is another advantage you can enjoy from working with a custom home builder. Hiring these contractors gives you full control of all the things you want for your house. You will love the freedom and opportunity to pick the items you want to be part of your new home.

Exactly What You Want, No More and No Less

Another good thing about having custom home builders is that owners can get the most out of their money. No wasted rooms, useless space or paying a part of the house that you don’t want. Instead, homeowners will get the most of what they want from their budget.

Affordable Services

A lot of future homeowners would think that hiring a custom home builder will cost more compared to a normal contractor. But, this isn’t always the case. For example, you have bought a house that’s already been built. There will be parts of the house that you would like to change based on your preference. Modifying such parts of the house actually will cost you a lot of money. So it is much better for you to first make a layout and have a contractor build your house. This is to make sure that everything you want will be constructed, thus, saving you money.

Eliminates Frustrations

Asking help from a custom home builder can help eliminate disappointments or frustrations. This is because everything you want and plan for a house will be constructed. In the end, you will not do not have a house that has details that you can’t do anything about.

Contact LIDA Homes if you are thinking of building a custom home in Victoria BC.