How To Fall Proof Your Home

Caregivers are well ware that falls are the number one cause of injuries and injury deaths in the older population. Falls in seniors can cause injuries and lead to effects that impact their physical and emotional quality of life. When caring for a loved one at home there are ways to lessen the chance they could experience a serious fall, check out the tips listed below.

  1. Remove any items that could might pose a tripping or slipping hazard – small pieces of furniture, even everyday clutter like bags, pet bowls, electrical or phone cords or rugs can be a problem for seniors
  2. Keep walkways and pathways clear – furniture should be out of the way to be sure a loved one has plenty of room to walk freely, stairs and hallways free of any items that could be a tripping hazard.
  3. Make sure carpets are secure – use non slip rugs or secure them with double sided tape.
  4. Avoid wet floors – in the bathroom wipe any water on the floor right away, use only non skid wax on floors that require waxing.
  5. Apply non slip mats or strips in the shower or tub.
  6. Install adequate lighting – Good lighting is a simple way to avoid falls in seniors, remember eyesight diminishes with age.Well lit entrances, stairways and outdoor walkways assist seniors in navigating safely.
  7. Use Handrails – a flight of stairs is one of the most dangerous places in the home for seniors. Remind them to make use of the handrails and avoid carrying any items up and down the stairs they need to hold on to the handrails to help them with their balance.
  8. Use caution at night – getting up in the night means they could be groggy and have poor balance so have a bedside lamp as well as night lights in the bathroom, kitchen and hallway. Put a flashlight on their night table in case there is a power failure and they need to use the washroom.
  9. Encourage them to keep up a regular health and exercise regime – eating a well balanced healthy diet and staying physically active allows seniors to improve their balance, coordination and health, focus on balance exercises and ones for lower body strength to help avoid falls.

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