What Does Snow Mean for Your Carpets


Is there anything more magical than those first snowflakes gently drifting down as it starts to cover the ground? Before long those few flakes turn into a heavier snowfall with roads and sidewalks become buried. While it’s a picture that turns the outdoors into a winter wonderland snow definitely has a downside. The sound of cars tires spinning on streets, shoveling sidewalks and keeping driveways clear might soon take the romance out of a snowfall. You find yourself retreating to the comfort indoors and dreading the clearing that needs to be done. But wait there’s still that slushy mess everyone has tracked in on their boots to contend with and one of the biggest worries is some damage to your carpets.

Snow mixed with rain creates a mixture that is easily tracked into your home if left unchecked. Hard to remove stains are left behind and can seep into the carpeting and cause the carpet fibers to break down. Failing to deal with any mess tracked in promptly results in melted snow penetrating deeply into your carpets and backing. Another issue is the moisture left in carpets overtime leaves behind a musty smell that could prove difficult to remove. Avoiding any of these potential problems requires keeping carpets clean especially during the winter months.

Here are 7 helpful hints to keep your carpets clean and dry during winter months.

  1. Doormats – The easiest way to snow from being tracked indoors is by installing thick door mats inside and outside every entryway. Towels and boot brushes should be used by everyone entering the home.
  2. Remove Shoes – Make shoe removal a house rule to prevent snow and dirt from being tracked indoors. You can even provide socks or slippers for guests in your home.
  3. Designate One Entryway – During winter months using one door will reduce the need to clean up multiple areas.
  4. Snow Removal – It makes sense that by keeping sidewalks and driveways as clear of snow as possible there’s less to be tracked indoors on boots.
  5. Wipe Winter Paws – Don’t overlook those 4 legged members of the household, dry towels should be keep to dry paws everytime the come indoors.
  6. Vacuum regularly – Extra care to keep carpets free of pollutants and dirt will keep carpets clean and extend their life.
  7. Professional Carpet Cleaning – You may think that having carpets cleaned during winter months won’t allow them to dry. Professionally cleaned and treated carpets by carpet cleaners in Vancouver BC will leave them clean and dry to survive the rest of the winter months

Thanks to Local Carpet Cleaning for these tips.