Preparing Your Lawn For Spring

Spring will soon be here and preparing your lawn or garden for it be a task that you need to plan for. Not everyone can afford or wants to hire and Guelph lawn cutting company.

The first step in preparing your lawn for spring involves raking. Even if you raked in the fall, you will need to rake, and rake deeply, to remove the thatch that will have accumulated. Thatch is the accumulation of grass, leaves, roots, and other debris that have collected. When you do your raking, don’t just drag the rake over the surface. Try to dig the tines of the rake in to remove the accumulated thatch. You don’t need to remove the thatch entirely, as a thin layer of less than half an inch can be beneficial.

A deep raking will also help ensure that the phenomenon known as snow mold will be removed. Snow mold is an accumulation of grass blades that new growth will have difficulty penetrating. If this are present when you see your lawn, you will have patches of dead lawn.

Raking will also help loosen the soil that may have compacted. Compaction is most often caused by constant foot traffic, with moss growing (instead of grass). The solution to this is lawn aeration and an aerator can be rented from a local garden supply.

When you see moss on your lawn, it is an indicator of an increase soil acidity. Consider applying lime to make the soil more neutral in pH. Note that this is a corrective measure and is can increase the alkalinity of your soil, which can cause a different set of problems.

Another preparation step you may need to take is to apply herbicides to your soil. Herbicides will prevent weeds from emerging before you even begin to plant. Herbicides are toxic, so read the directions on how to apply your specific herbicide.

In this preparation stage, don’t forget to check for pests that may have hibernated during the winter. These include slugs, weevils, aphid colonies, and snails that may be lurking in your pots or perennial plants. Chemicals or nematodes which are parasitic to these pests will resolve this problem.

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