7 Places To Get Free Moving Boxes

Moving is already a costly undertaking and most of us would rather not pay for something we’re only going to recycle later. With the move towards less packaging, finding boxes free of charge can be just one more item on the list, unless you know where to look. Storage Zone In Lubbock has compiled the following list of places that are a good resource for free moving boxes.

  1. Craigslist. A search of the free section ( under the for sale heading ) is usually a great source for free boxes suitable for moving your belongings. Often people will give boxes away to avoid the hassle of recycling them.
  2. Liquor/wine stores. Ask for boxes with lids to keep items safely packed during the move. Boxes from liquor stores tend to be small and sturdy, perfect for moving books, CD’s, DVD’s or fragile items.
  3. Book stores. A great place to find boxes especially made to pack and move your books safely.
  4. Grocery stores. Although it’s getting harder to get your hands on boxes here with the trend towards less packaging it’s worth a try. Apple boxes with lids are strong and a safe way to move your fragile items.
  5. Dollar stores. With a Dollar store on almost every corner they’re busy and unpacking deliveries on a daily basis so don’t overlook this opportunity. If you don’t have any luck at first enquire as to their delivery times/days and ask to pick up their boxes before they recycle them.
  6. Office supply stores. Office supply need to be packed in sturdy boxes and often come with a lot of packing material that the stores don’t reuse. Check out  Staples or Monk Office Supplies to find good moving boxes for free, ask for boxes from printer/copier paper. These are perfect for moving pots, pans and books etc. – bonus the boxes often come with lids so will require less packing tape.
  7. Restaurants/ coffee shops. McDonalds fry boxes are another source for sturdy boxes, the fries are sipped frozen with no trace of grease they’re  clean. Coffee shops that are busy like the Starbucks on the corner are another good place to find lots of free boxes for your move.

Need more suggestions for finding free moving boxes or other helpful moving tips, contact us at The Storage Zone.

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