Are Pool Covers Safer Than Fences?

When you have a swimming pool built into your garden, one of the first things you will need to think about is safety. This is especially important if you have small children or animals, as failing to make your pool as safe as possible may lead to them getting into trouble should they fall in and are unable to get back out.

For many, the choice often ends up being between a pool cover and a fence. Both have their advantages, so let’s take a look to see which is best for you.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are essentially a large sheet that will be placed over the water in your pool. As such, it prevents any access to the water, so if children fall onto the pool cover they should be kept completely safe. Of course, this is assuming that you purchase a cover that is capable of withstanding the weight of the person who falls in.

Covers are also useful for preventing foliage from trees falling into the pool. While this may not seem like a concern at first, leaves and other sediment can build up over time, especially if you are less than vigilant when it comes to cleaning your pool, which can lead to water becoming contaminated and thus unsafe to use.

Pool Fences

A fence, on the other hand, provides a direct barrier between the pool area and the rest of the house. This barrier proves effective in the majority of cases, assuming the fence cannot be scaled, but it capable of failing should somebody obtain the key to the door in the fence.

Should a person get past the fence, they will be able to access the water without any issues, which could lead to problems if they are unable to swim. As such, if you have a fence installed you must remain vigilant when it comes to access. Always make sure to store the key in a location where vulnerable people can’t reach it and make sure to secure the fence whenever you leave the pool area to make sure nobody accidentally gets in.

Which is Safer?

It all comes down to how vigilant you are. As long as you are careful, a fence will prevent any access to the pool at all, meaning there is no chance for an issue to develop. However, pool leaf covers blocks access to the water, so even if somebody does fall into the pool they will be protected from drowning. As such, they are more effective in terms of directly saving lives, though it may be best to use both in tandem for added protection.

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