Benefits of a Pool Cover

A backyard pool is a bit of a luxury so you might wonder how purchasing a pool cover could prove beneficial. It’s simply this, a pool cover allows you more time to enjoy your pool instead of spending time doing maintenance. To sort through the various options and benefits we’ve gathered the following information and listed the good and bad of each one.

Bubble Covers or Solar Covers


Good for use on either in ground or above ground pools, bubble pool covers easily float on top of the water. Their ability to trap the heat when the pool is not in use reduce the cost of heating your pool saving you money and can extend the pool season. Cut to fit the size of your pool, they reduce electricity, cleaning costs and chemical loss. They are not a safety cover and anyone accidentally falling onto it could become trapped underneath.


Pin Down or Winter Covers


Manufactured in either mesh or vinyl they are secured to the pool deck at the end of the season. Primarily for in ground pools they can be used on above ground pools as well and their primary purpose is to be used winterize your pool and require installing anchors.


Solid Vinyl Pin Down Covers


When properly installed they act as a safety cover and in an emergency hold a person’s weight. While they reduce heating, cleaning and chemical costs a big drawback is too much water accumulation on top require using a pool cover pump.


Mesh Covers


A mesh pin down cover will keep leaves and other debris out of your pool and for this reason can hold a lot of weight. Any rainwater will leak through the mesh with no buildup, so can be a good winter cover. Once again they are not considered a safety cover as they are unable to hold much weight, add to that there is no savings on heating or chemical costs they may not be the best choice.


Automatic Safety Pool Covers
Widely recommended by professionals these covers check most of the boxes and are easy to remove with the push of a button or turn of a key. Ease of operation make theme ideal for everyday use plus the reduce evaporation and chemical loss and keep the pool cleaner. Acting like a solar blanket studies have proven they will pay for themselves within a few years. Along with the cost savings is the safety feature that when closed they are locked and prevent unwanted entry. Their ability to hold a large amount of weight ( think waterbed here ) qualify them as a true safety pool cover. The biggest drawback is the initial cost of $5,000 to $15,000 and any accumulated rainwater must be pumped off to prevent drowning risk. Made to work with rectangular pools the are not an option for most free form pools. Need more information, contact Katchakid for all your pool cover needs.

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