What Does Snow Mean for Your Carpets


Is there anything more magical than those first snowflakes gently drifting down as it starts to cover the ground? Before long those few flakes turn into a heavier snowfall with roads and sidewalks become buried. While it’s a picture that turns the outdoors into a winter wonderland snow definitely has a downside. The sound of cars tires spinning on streets, shoveling sidewalks and keeping driveways clear might soon take the romance out of a snowfall. You find yourself retreating to the comfort indoors and dreading the clearing that needs to be done. But wait there’s still that slushy mess everyone has tracked in on their boots to contend with and one of the biggest worries is some damage to your carpets.

Snow mixed with rain creates a mixture that is easily tracked into your home if left unchecked. Hard to remove stains are left behind and can seep into the carpeting and cause the carpet fibers to break down. Failing to deal with any mess tracked in promptly results in melted snow penetrating deeply into your carpets and backing. Another issue is the moisture left in carpets overtime leaves behind a musty smell that could prove difficult to remove. Avoiding any of these potential problems requires keeping carpets clean especially during the winter months.

Here are 7 helpful hints to keep your carpets clean and dry during winter months.

  1. Doormats – The easiest way to snow from being tracked indoors is by installing thick door mats inside and outside every entryway. Towels and boot brushes should be used by everyone entering the home.
  2. Remove Shoes – Make shoe removal a house rule to prevent snow and dirt from being tracked indoors. You can even provide socks or slippers for guests in your home.
  3. Designate One Entryway – During winter months using one door will reduce the need to clean up multiple areas.
  4. Snow Removal – It makes sense that by keeping sidewalks and driveways as clear of snow as possible there’s less to be tracked indoors on boots.
  5. Wipe Winter Paws – Don’t overlook those 4 legged members of the household, dry towels should be keep to dry paws everytime the come indoors.
  6. Vacuum regularly – Extra care to keep carpets free of pollutants and dirt will keep carpets clean and extend their life.
  7. Professional Carpet Cleaning – You may think that having carpets cleaned during winter months won’t allow them to dry. Professionally cleaned and treated carpets by carpet cleaners in Vancouver BC will leave them clean and dry to survive the rest of the winter months

Thanks to Local Carpet Cleaning for these tips.

Tips for Cleaning Home After a Flood


Flood can easily destroy houses, leaving homeowners to wade through the water to rip down carpets and drywall after it hits. But after a flood hits, residents must first clean up their houses before they can to proceed to repairs.

If your area is hit by a natural disaster such as flooding, you may have to wait for days before repair companies can respond to you. So while you are waiting, below are a few things you can do on your own to deal with the flood damage in Calgary.

Turn off the power.

Make sure that you isolate the power in your house by tripping the main circuit-breaker. If you are going to use power tools in your cleanup, use battery-operated tools instead of 240 volts tools. You can also use a generator if needed. This is to ensure that no one in your house gets electrocuted for electrical connections may have been damaged by the flood.

Walk around your home.

After evacuating your home from a flood, don’t rush back inside your home. Make sure to check the area of your property for damaged gas lines, fallen or lose power lines and cracks in the foundation. Another area to check is the roof, check for damaged shingles that may need repairs. And if there are trees around your home, carefully check if they are stable.

Start clean-up quickly.

Another important thing to keep in mind after a flood is mould growth. It is imperative to have all item in your house dried within 48 hours. The longer they remain damp, the more mould will grow. You can start by opening windows and using dehumidifiers and fans to promote air circulation.

Salvage and clean carpeting.

After a flood, it would be best to remove carpets and rugs to have professionals clean them. If only a part of your carpet or rug is wet, you can just use a wet-dry vacuum to dry them. After which you can hire professionals to clean after they are dry. You can also use fans in speeding up the drying process.

Depending on the damage, you may have to remove your carpeting to completely dry up the padding and floor. And, it may be better to replace the padding to avoid mould and mildew. Make sure to use disinfectant spray after cleaning and drying.

Inspect appliances.

For small appliances like oven toasters and coffee makers, make sure to check if there are exposed wires. For bigger appliances like fridges, washer and ranges, call professionals to check the wires and components.

Open up the fridge.

Contents in your fridge like meats, dairy and leftovers must be thrown away after 48 hours. It’s okay to save condiments. Contents in your freezer are safe for roughly 48 hours, anything perishable after 2 days must be thrown away.

Clean clothing — twice.

For fabrics that are washable, you can wash them in cool water with powdered detergents. Powdered laundry detergents are great for removing dirt and clay while cool water helps by making sure stains don’t settle.

After this initial step, wash them again this time using hot water that’s safe for fabrics with powdered laundry detergent and either all-fabric bleach or chlorine. After making sure all stains are removed, air dry them. For garments that are non-washable, you can take them to a dry cleaner.

Contact a restoration Calgary if your home has been flooded as they’ll be able to get you back on track in no time.

How to Declutter Your Home

Decluttering your home means removing all the things that hinder you to properly use your living space as it was meant to be used. Clutter could include things that you don’t need or want anymore or things that don’t belong in a particular area or room of the house. It is very important that any clutter in your house must be removed so that it will be easy for you to find things, enjoy the areas in your home and relaxes your mind from the unappealing things that are piling.

Below are a few helpful tips from Storage Zone that will help you get rid of clutter in your home:

Pick a date.

First thing is to set a date when you will clean all the clutter in your home. For this to be successful, you must ensure that your day is cleared from any other activity so will not leave the job unfinished.

This means that you’ll have to decline social invitations and more importantly, not to have any visitors in the house during this time.

Inform all the members in your house.

Work out which parts of your home need a declutter.

Decluttering doesn’t only mean your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room. Include all the secret untidy areas that need cleaning.

Have a trash and recycling bag/bin handy.

You may to easier when it comes to discarding items as you clean. For this to be achieved, make sure to prepare trash bags or bins.

Declutter a room from the inside out.

If a particular room is filled with clutter, you may have to clean this room up from the center going out into the walls. This way will not only make it easier for you in moving in and out, this will also make decluttering much faster.

Don’t take on too much to handle.

If you are aiming at cleaning the whole house, then try to cram the work into one single day. Instead, it’s much better to devote a few hours in a single area of the house.

Let go of useless, broken and unusable stuff.

Things that are broken, busted and unusable can be a headache over time if left in your house. It can sit in the area taking up space. So it will be easy for you to decide if you want to throw something, just ask yourself if it’s broken or useless and if you are going to need in.

if you need a storage unit in Lubbock, contact Storage Zone today.

Preventing Water Damage

There is the possibility that at sometime a homeowner may have to deal with water damage, either through flooding or a sewer backing up. Here are some tips, things to be aware of until such time as the Kennewick water damage restoration company is there with the equipment and expertise to minimize the damage. The primary focus should be on safety, is it safe to stay in the home? Electrical and slip and fall hazards are the primary concern.Only do activity that is safe to perform and be aware waterlogged materials are very heavy.

What to do after a flood

1) Remove excess water by blotting and mopping

2) Wipe excess water from wood furniture after moving lamps and tabletop items

3) Remove wet upholstery and cushions, prop them up to allow them to dry

4) Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting

5) Turn air conditioning on to allow maximum drying in Summer months

6) Remove colored rugs from wet carpeting or any area rugs

7) Place any art objects in a safe. dry place

8) Gather loose items from the floor

What not to do after a flood

1) Do not leave any wet fabrics in place, hang furs and leather goods

2) Do not leave books or any colored items on wet carpets or floors

3) Never use a household vacuum to remove water, they are not made for this purpose

4) Refrain from using the television or other household appliances

5) Do not turn on ceiling fans, if the ceiling is wet

6) If the ceiling appears to be sagging stay out of that room

Dealing with water damage yourself

If you are not covered by insurance and taking care of the cleanup yourself you can rent fans and heaters to extract the moisture on your own. A good shop vacuum will remove moisture from carpets and floors, complete removal of water is the first step. Disinfecting any drywall and wood surfaces should follow to prevent the growth of mold in the future. Discard any damaged electrical appliances in a safe manner as well as items  you may be concerned with their safe use. Most water damage will occur in the basement, or ground floor of the home besides any damage from a leaking roof. When storing items, precious family photos or business papers in the basement investing in waterproof bins could avoid disaster in the future. Some things can be replaced or repaired and we don’t often think that some possession are irreplaceable.

Contact Continental Carpet Cleaning and their water damage restoration service if you need help.

Best Kennewick WA Carpet Cleaners

Your carpet might have a lot of foot traffic on it on a daily basis, with some of those feet being cleaner than others. And of course, accidents happen and food or a liquid of some sort will get spilt on it. Whatever the problems are with your carpet, you have come here because you want a solution. Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning can only have so much of an effect, and replacing a carpet altogether is a pricey and time-consuming task. That is why you are searching for the best carpet cleaners in Kennewick WA.

Hiring a professional for the job should give you a peace of mind that the workers you hire will have the best equipment and training for the job. But maybe you have had bad experiences with other help you have hired. Whether they did not do the job to the standard you needed or they provided poor customer service, it may feel risky to bring anyone in. You need carpet cleaning that will not leave you with sticky residues or an overwet carpet after the task is done, and you would probably like it if the workers were pleasant to be around, especially if you need to contact them again.

If this is what you are looking for, then Continental Carpet Cleaning will provide you with the best carpet cleaners in Kennewick. In business locally since 1980, we use the best tools and machines including the Rotovac 360i, a Rotary Hot Steam that provides much better results than standard wand methods. Our workers have attended courses, certification schools, and conventions, and we keep up-to-date with the best methods by studying trade journals, books, articles, and periodicals. The owner of Continental Carpet has IIRC certifications in carpet cleaning and water damage restoration, too. We want to provide you with the best service.

If you use our services and find a problem such as a spot that returns, you can rely on our satisfaction guarantee–we will return to fix the problem, free of charge. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a reputation with our customers to back us up. Contact Continental Carpet in Kennewick to get experienced carpet cleaners that you can trust.

Why Garburators Are Great Solution To Smelly Problem

Just last year our local municipality put in place new recycling rules. They are absolutely ridiculous. You see, we live in a very green and environment conscious city. That means we have to recycle everything. And I mean everything!

All kitchen scraps must be tossed into a new bin and put out on the curb come garbage day. This causes some very smelly households and people eat a lot and the fact that all kitchen scraps are to be tossed into a separate bin is silly. Does your city or municipality have silly laws and rules put in place when it comes to this?

If so, read about a simple solution to this potentially smelly problem.


A garburator crushes kitchen scraps to a pulp. It works kind of like a sink drain as it’s placed where the top of a drain would sit. The above photo is what it looks like underneath the sink.

If you want to learn how they work, check out the wikipedia article. You can also the video below.

It has saved the smell of our home. I didn’t want to resort to using Fabreeze all the time as that stuff is loaded with chemicals. There had to be an easier way to get rid of our kitchen scraps. The garburator has done just that.

We were also finding that our giant scrap bin, which was located outside, was attracting racoons. They would always crash the bin over and dig through the scraps. Guess who had to clean that up? The homeowner!

With a garburator we don’t need to deal with that crap!

They are really easy to install and you don’t need an appliance repair company in Toronto to do the install.

Dog-Proof Your Home

Owning a dog can bring a lot of fun and a lot of joy into your life.  But if you dog starts to damage the furniture, the carpet, or other property, that joy can quickly turn into frustration and regret.  If you’re coming home to teeth marks in the furniture, ruined shoes or toys, or pee or poop on the carpet, it’s time to act.

Or, perhaps you have a new dog, or are thinking of getting a dog, and you want to start off on the right foot (or paw). You know that a dog can be prone to chew things or damage property.  You want to do all you can to keep your furniture and your property from becoming targets for your dog’s destruction.

If you’re dealing with either circumstance, and you live in the Victoria BC area, look no further than Tomey K9 Services

Tomey K9 Services  is the newest dog training in Victoria BC service.Their basic obedience program provides a place to start training your dog, which will definitely improve his behavior. Dogs that are trained to not damage the furniture provide many years of pleasure to their owners.  The behavior of untrained dogs, on the other hand, can lead to frustration and annoyance with the dog. Those feelings aren’t going to help you in your relationship with your dog.

Tomey K9’s basic obedience program covers the following:

  • Leash behavior
  • Coming when called
  • How to heel and sit on command
  • Staying on command
  • Lying down on command

After a dog has learned these basic commands, Tomey K9 can work with your dog one-on-one with specific, personalized attention. If a dog’s behavior needs to improve – such as, teaching them not to chew on the furniture – Tomey K9 can work with your dog in a practical and customized program.

Do-it-yourself dog training takes time and effort, and a busy schedule may leave you without the time to train your dog so that they won’t damage your property. You may also not know ways to properly praise and motivate your dog. Tomey K9’s training will help your dog’s behavior and give you the peace of mind you need when dealing with your dog. You can then come home to a pleasant home environment, not one where you’re constantly worried that the dog is going to destroy your property.

Tomey K9’s slogan is “exceptional service, with a passion for all things K9.”  If you live in the Greater Victoria BC area and want to keep your furniture or other property intact, contact Tomey K9 Services by phone at (250) 588-9611. For more information, visit their website at tomeyk9services.com, or follow @TomeyK9 on Twitter.

Tips For Cleaning Leaves Out Of Your Yard

Summer is long, long gone. Welcome to fall! The trees and their leaves do make for spectacular photo taking opportunities.

Do you know what else trees and their leaves make for? They make for a pain in the butt!

Cleaning the yard of leaves is a pain in the fall. It’s wet, cold and the wind just blows them all over the place. No matter what you do, you end up raking more and more. Let me tell you that raking leaves in quite the work out.

I did a bunch or raking of wet leaves at a rental home before I decided to become a homeowner. My lats were so sore the next week. Lesson learned though.

So I want to give you a few tips to help you clean your yard of leaves.

# 1 – Wait

I’m a very particular gal and I like things clean. That includes my yard. So when fall comes and the leaves start falling of the trees, I get the urge to clean them up.

Over the years though I’ve learnt to wait. You must wait until all the leaves fall down, then you clean them up. Trust me on this. If you don’t wait, you’ll spend far more grunt work trying to rake all the leaves up.

# 2 – Do It On Nice Day

I mentioned earlier that I raked a bunch of leaves at a rental home. The one thing I learnt that day was that wet leaves are heavy and require more strength to move them around.

So I highly suggest you wait for a nice day to do it on. I’d also wait for a nice dry stretch of weather so the leaves are dryer and easier to rake.

#3 – Hire Help

If you really hate this task, you can always hire help from a yard maintenance Calgary company come and solve your issues. They might only take a couple of hours so the cost could be worthwhile. You can stay inside and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and let them deal with the work!

# 4 – Get Leaf Blower

A leaf blower can really help you save time and strength. The nice thing about a leaf blower is that I can be used for other tasks around the home like cleaning the driveway or garage. So it’s a good investment.

# 5 – Mulch Them

Another option is to simply mulch the leaves into your lawn. Scots has a great article on how to do that and the benefits of doing so.

# 6 – Remove Your Trees

If you are dead set on how much you hate raking leaves, one option is to remove the problem trees. In doing so, you are saying that you don’t like nature. Trees are amazing and provide shade in the summer. But if you must hire a tree removal Calgary company, by all means do so, it’s your house.

Hopefully you will enjoy and use these tips on how to clean your yard up.  I’ve given a few great options to help with the process and hope you use a few of them to get your yard cleaner more efficiently.

I Need Housecleaning Help – What Do I Do?

People hire housecleaning services for various reasons.  Sometimes, the job is only a one-time or short-term job such as preparing a house for a move in or move out.  Some people hire housecleaning help on an on-call basis.  Others need cleaning services Vancouver on a regular weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.

You probably have a good idea of what kind of house cleaning Vancouver service you need and now you want to know what kinds of questions should you ask your candidates.

Before you ask the house cleaner…

First, ask some questions of yourself:

  • Referrals:  ask for referrals from friends and family who are happy with their cleaning service.
  • Frequency:  how often do you want house cleaning Vancouver services?
  • Special needs:  special needs can refer to specific tasks, scheduling, health issues, etc.

o   Which time of day and week do you need or prefer?

o   Are there specific areas or belongings of the house that you do not want to be cleaned?

o   Does anyone (or any pet) have chemical sensitivities or allergies?

o   Do you wish the house cleaner to use only your preferred cleaning products and equipment?

o   Do you have pets that will need to be secured during cleaning time?

o   Do you have standing appointments or errands that must be accommodated when scheduling house cleaning time?

Ask the future house cleaner…

Once you have identified what you want done, how, and when, create a list of questions for the future home maid services Vancouver.

  • Background:  ask for general information about each candidate’s background as a house cleaner – how long has the candidate been in the cleaning business, what services are provided, how many houses does the candidate clean, what sets that person’s cleaning services apart from others’?
  • References:  ask for and contact every reference.  References should be clients who have used the candidate’s cleaning services for at least six months.  You are seeking reassurance from each reference that the candidate does an excellent job and is to be trusted.
  • Written agreement of services and policies:  will the candidate provide a copy of what services will be provided as well as cancellation policy and payment forms accepted?
  • Rates:  what will the house cleaner charge to clean your house?
  • What won’t be done:  what types of jobs will the candidate not do, or only will do for additional payment?

Your sparkling clean house

You are about to build a new relationship that will hopefully be a long and happy one.  The success of it depends on clear communication, patience, trust, and a bit of trial and error.

It may take several cleaning sessions before your new house cleaner has got everything cleaned just right and in the time frame expected.   You may need to make some minor adjustments but the end result will be a clean house that is always welcoming to you and your visitors.