How to Declutter Your Home

Decluttering your home means removing all the things that hinder you to properly use your living space as it was meant to be used. Clutter could include things that you don’t need or want anymore or things that don’t belong in a particular area or room of the house. It is very important that any clutter in your house must be removed so that it will be easy for you to find things, enjoy the areas in your home and relaxes your mind from the unappealing things that are piling.

Below are a few helpful tips from Storage Zone that will help you get rid of clutter in your home:

Pick a date.

First thing is to set a date when you will clean all the clutter in your home. For this to be successful, you must ensure that your day is cleared from any other activity so will not leave the job unfinished.

This means that you’ll have to decline social invitations and more importantly, not to have any visitors in the house during this time.

Inform all the members in your house.

Work out which parts of your home need a declutter.

Decluttering doesn’t only mean your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room. Include all the secret untidy areas that need cleaning.

Have a trash and recycling bag/bin handy.

You may to easier when it comes to discarding items as you clean. For this to be achieved, make sure to prepare trash bags or bins.

Declutter a room from the inside out.

If a particular room is filled with clutter, you may have to clean this room up from the center going out into the walls. This way will not only make it easier for you in moving in and out, this will also make decluttering much faster.

Don’t take on too much to handle.

If you are aiming at cleaning the whole house, then try to cram the work into one single day. Instead, it’s much better to devote a few hours in a single area of the house.

Let go of useless, broken and unusable stuff.

Things that are broken, busted and unusable can be a headache over time if left in your house. It can sit in the area taking up space. So it will be easy for you to decide if you want to throw something, just ask yourself if it’s broken or useless and if you are going to need in.

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7 Places To Get Free Moving Boxes

Moving is already a costly undertaking and most of us would rather not pay for something we’re only going to recycle later. With the move towards less packaging, finding boxes free of charge can be just one more item on the list, unless you know where to look. Storage Zone In Lubbock has compiled the following list of places that are a good resource for free moving boxes.

  1. Craigslist. A search of the free section ( under the for sale heading ) is usually a great source for free boxes suitable for moving your belongings. Often people will give boxes away to avoid the hassle of recycling them.
  2. Liquor/wine stores. Ask for boxes with lids to keep items safely packed during the move. Boxes from liquor stores tend to be small and sturdy, perfect for moving books, CD’s, DVD’s or fragile items.
  3. Book stores. A great place to find boxes especially made to pack and move your books safely.
  4. Grocery stores. Although it’s getting harder to get your hands on boxes here with the trend towards less packaging it’s worth a try. Apple boxes with lids are strong and a safe way to move your fragile items.
  5. Dollar stores. With a Dollar store on almost every corner they’re busy and unpacking deliveries on a daily basis so don’t overlook this opportunity. If you don’t have any luck at first enquire as to their delivery times/days and ask to pick up their boxes before they recycle them.
  6. Office supply stores. Office supply need to be packed in sturdy boxes and often come with a lot of packing material that the stores don’t reuse. Check out  Staples or Monk Office Supplies to find good moving boxes for free, ask for boxes from printer/copier paper. These are perfect for moving pots, pans and books etc. – bonus the boxes often come with lids so will require less packing tape.
  7. Restaurants/ coffee shops. McDonalds fry boxes are another source for sturdy boxes, the fries are sipped frozen with no trace of grease they’re  clean. Coffee shops that are busy like the Starbucks on the corner are another good place to find lots of free boxes for your move.

Need more suggestions for finding free moving boxes or other helpful moving tips, contact us at The Storage Zone.

How to Protect Furniture During a Move

Are you worried about the safety of your furniture during your move? Or you have old and expensive pieces that you don’t want to be damaged? Then it is important for you to properly plan your move for planning can greatly help in protecting your furniture from damage.

Below are a few helpful tips that can help you avoid damaging your furniture as you move. Bear in mind that some furniture pieces are bulky and heavy, so hiring Toronto professional movers can be a great help.

  1. Using pieces of cloth or towels, you can wrap them around legs of tables and chairs. This way can help in minimizing chances o f getting dents or damages if the legs get in contact with doors, door frames or floor. And, if you want your floor and carpets protected during the move, using this trick with another furniture with legs is also helpful.

  2. Keep your furniture from things that are present in the truck that may cause scratches or damage during moving. Secure loose items such as rakes, brooms, etc. that may damage or dent your furniture.

  3. It is vital to use clothes, towels and cloth pieces for fragile items before placing them in boxes. Also, make sure that you know what every towel or cloth contains and inform the movers about it to avoid damage.

  4. You may also put pillows and bedding between furniture in the truck to lessen friction and movement. This way can help avoid scratches, scrapes, and damages. Just make sure to wash your beddings after moving before using them again.

  5. Mirror frames and pictures can be protected using cardboards. If you have kept their original boxes you can use them but if not you can just cover them with cardboard, it can also do the job.
    If you are taking apart your furniture, make sure to keep everything together. Place small pieces such as bolts, nuts, and screws into bubble wraps and bind them firmly to a piece of the furniture that they belong to so they will not get misplaced.

  6. And finally, a helpful tip is to hire professional movers – they have the experience and knowledge to properly keep your things from damage during moving. A dependable, professional mover can do the job much faster than you and you will not be involved in the packing and lose precious time. Movers in Toronto also have all the packing materials needed, and they know what to do and how much it would cost for optimum results.

Why Move Your Family To Saanich BC?

The municipality of Saanich, British Columbia borders Victoria BC comprising, North, South and Central Saanich. The homes for sale in Saanich are so diverse is the area it covers that it offers all types of housing from condos to rural acreages.


Saanich as all of southern Vancouver Island does , basks in a very moderate climate and snow is a rare and short lived event. The hospitable environment provides readily available , farm fresh produce grown on peninsula farms.


Vancouver Island and Saanich is a scenic ride on BC Ferries from Vancouver, once you disembark you pass through the Municipality of Saanich. The stress slips away as easily as pictures of peaceful farmlands slide into view. With Victoria International Airport conveniently located in central Saanich, easy access allows departure for the business commuter or vacation traveller.


Indoors the area has several recreation centers for example Commonwealth Pool, Pearkes Recreation, gyms, pools and ice rinks afford year round activities. Elk Lake situated along the Pat Bay Highway is used by rowers, fishermen and swimmers alike. Living on Vancouver Island access to the Ocean whether you dip your toes in, fish or sail, the Ocean is never far away. Pleasure boaters and sailboaters can experience the many Gulf Islands or just a day or days lying at anchor. Hiking around Elk Lake or the more challenging trails at Mount Doug, an afternoon of horseback riding, or if golf is your passion, Saanich offers everything. Accessible from Mount Doug bike enthusiasts can ride the Lockside Trail North past the seaside town of Sidney right to Lands End. Peddle the Galloping Goose, a well used and developed trail system lands you in the Western communities or downtown Victoria.


Consider the lifestyle of living in the municipality of Saanich, good schools, libraries, recreation facilities and outdoor living literally at your doorstep. Restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, the arts, cultural, sports and live entertainment venues are there to enjoy. Whether a round of golf, world famous Butchart Gardens, Symphony Splash or relaxing on our deck it is truly a unique place to call home.

Why move your family to Saanich

Condo, townhome or single family home, maybe you’re looking for the more pastoral life of owning acreage, Saanich real estate provides something to fit your lifestyle. A haven from the big city hustle, a place to raise your family, retire or participate in laid back Island life, Saanich may be your next home.

Why Move Your Family To Nanaimo BC?

Lots of people are wondering if they should move their family to Nanaimo BC. This is a question that Sunrise Moving & Storage gets all the time.


A short 95 minute cruise from Vancouver aboard BC Ferries you will find yourself docking in the oldest city in British Columbia, Nanaimo. Originally a coal mining town, many traces are still evident of the city’s past as you explore Old Town and it’s historic storefronts.


Surrounded on three sides by waterfront it’s no surprise Nanaimo enjoys one of the mildest climates in all of Canada. With a population of 83,810 as of the last census in 2011, those who call the Harbour City home take advantage of moderate temperatures.


An easy stroll on the walkway from Departure Bay, past playgrounds as you observe sea life finds you in the Old Town. Check out the marina, or stop for lunch at a restaurant or the floating pub. Feeling more adventurous, head North of Departure Bay and there a more rustic trail affords breathtaking Ocean views.


Nanaimo has something to offer for everyone from the arts , it boasts many galleries or take in a play or live entertainment in the Port Theater. Dine at one of the many fine restaurants as part of your evening out. From golf, fishing, scuba diving on a sunken Navy ship or maybe an afternoon of rock climbing on the indoor rock wall the city has much to offer.

Things to do

Summer brings the famous Bathtub Race and the imagination of participants in designing their watercraft fashioned from tubs is a site to behold. Browse a local Farmer’s market or shop (there’s 12 indoor and outdoor malls ) something to be found for everyone. If the outdoor lifestyle is what you’re looking for hiking, camping and lake or Ocean fishing is at your doorstep.
Less than two hours away to the south is British Columbia’s capital city Victoria, or a drive to the West coast of the Island camp or watch surfers at Long Beach. Mt Washington to the north offers skiing and snowboarding for the enthusiast.

Why move your family to Nanaimo

Nanaimo is an affordable place to live, something increasingly difficult to find when searching for a place to call home. Less crowded, blessed with mild temperatures this waterfront city offers a wide range of outdoor or cultural opportunities to indulge in the West coast lifestyle. Contact Sunrise Moving and Storage if you are looking for moving companies in Nanaimo BC.

Reviewing Your Condo Documents in Calgary on a Deadline

If you have recently decided to purchase a condo in Calgary, there’s one thing you need to become aware before you get too ready to move in: what the documents given to you after you’ve made the decision really mean for you. These documents could be just a few pages long or you may find yourself with binders to go through. Whatever the case, thorough reading is key.

After you have secured a specific condo, you will be given these documents from the management company and you will have to review them within a specific amount of time–in Alberta, you have 10 days. This is called the 10-day rescission period, and it is integral that you read through the document carefully before the deadline passes. That’s because you have the opportunity to get out of the condo contract without giving a specific reason and without penalty only before the deadline. Here are the most important sections of the document review in Calgary you need to look out for.

Pending lawsuits

A pending lawsuit could mean the addition of monthly fees or assessments for you. It will be difficult to determine how much you may be required to pay, so consider carefully how this could affect you.

The development’s reserve funds or budget

It’s smart to know how finances are managed within your building or development. An older building should have appropriate funds put aside for repairs and replacements that may have to occur, such as for elevators. New developments should have a sound plan for budgeting, too.

Upcoming special assessments

In the documents you received, you should look out for whether any special assessments are coming up and who will pay for them–you or the seller. You may need to prepare extra savings or loans to cover costs that you were not aware of previously.

Association by-laws

What are the regulations for noise levels, bringing in renters, and adjusting the architecture of your condo if you become a member of the association? There is no one-size-fits-all for these regulations, so it’s up to you to gain an understanding of what they expect of you and whether you can comfortably comply with them.

The seller’s current violations

Your condo may be inspected by the condo association right after the documents are ordered, and any violations that were found in the inspection will be stated. Make sure to get these violations addressed before you settle with the condo as it is.

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