Advantages of Hiring a Custom Home Builder

Everyone dreams of owning a house. Naturally, no one wants to live in an apartment forever. Imagine going home to a property you own at the end of the day. Today, many people who want to own a house are seeking assistance from custom home builders. Since homeowners want to build a house that is based on their wants and specifications.

Below are the following advantages of hiring Victoria custom home builders to help you with your house.

Custom Design

Probably the most vital advantage of a house that’s built with the help of custom home builders is that owners get just what they want. They pick a floor plan and modify it based on their choices.

An owner has lot choices to make, from granite countertops, marble, hardwood floors. The owner also has the benefit of choosing the style and color of walls, cabinets, shelves, and carpets.
The owner can choose the types of light fixtures, doorknobs, and windows. Indeed, the whole process of designing one’s home can be fun and exciting.

You Have Full Control Over Your Home

This is another advantage you can enjoy from working with a custom home builder. Hiring these contractors gives you full control of all the things you want for your house. You will love the freedom and opportunity to pick the items you want to be part of your new home.

Exactly What You Want, No More and No Less

Another good thing about having custom home builders is that owners can get the most out of their money. No wasted rooms, useless space or paying a part of the house that you don’t want. Instead, homeowners will get the most of what they want from their budget.

Affordable Services

A lot of future homeowners would think that hiring a custom home builder will cost more compared to a normal contractor. But, this isn’t always the case. For example, you have bought a house that’s already been built. There will be parts of the house that you would like to change based on your preference. Modifying such parts of the house actually will cost you a lot of money. So it is much better for you to first make a layout and have a contractor build your house. This is to make sure that everything you want will be constructed, thus, saving you money.

Eliminates Frustrations

Asking help from a custom home builder can help eliminate disappointments or frustrations. This is because everything you want and plan for a house will be constructed. In the end, you will not do not have a house that has details that you can’t do anything about.

Contact LIDA Homes if you are thinking of building a custom home in Victoria BC.

Choosing A paint Finish

The walls and woodwork can experience some wear and tear over time and especially if you have children or pets. When you go to touch up the paint you discover the paint colour looks completely different. You may be surprised to know it’s not the colour but the paint finish that’s causing this effect. Paint colours in different finishes change the sheen that is mixed into the paint. When choosing a paint finish it’s important to consider the area or room you are painting. Here are some tips from Victoria BC Painters Paint Works.

We can spend a lot of time pondering the colour we think will look good and compliment our furniture or drapes. Next you need to choose the finish that will work whether it’s durability or you need to hide some minor flaws.

Paint finishes come in four general categories depending offering a different level of reflectivity and durability.

Flat Finish

Paint with a flat finish gives the wall a well saturated, rich colour. Ideal for covering imperfections in joints for example it is the most forgiving finish. It lacks any type of sheen and the major drawback is it’s lack of durability that requires care when cleaning.

Best places to use flat paint are ceilings, low traffic areas and rooms that don’t require extensive cleaning

Washable Flat

Washable flat paints only come in Premium flat colours it’s washable and allows for easy touch ups. So it’s washability in addition to the other great attributes of a flat finish like good color saturation and hiding imperfections make it a good choice.

Best places to use would be general living spaces.

Eggshell/ Satin/ Low luster finish

Eggshell is the most popular finish for any areas that may need frequent cleaning. It provides a subtle sheen with great coloring that can hide minor imperfections as well. Light reflective it has a low angular sheen yet lacks the chalky appearance of flat paint or the sheen of a semi gloss finish. Offering the truest color match it will be the most like the swatch color when you paint your walls. Possibly it’s best feature is its strength allows it to dry just a bit harder than other finishes and it’s highly resistant to moisture.

Best places to use  are living areas, kitchens, any high traffic areas

Semi Gloss finish

Provides a high sheen is light reflective while giving off a beautiful glow this is the most durable of all the finishes and very easy to clean.

Best places to use are on wood trim, kitchen cabinets and doors.

Thanks to Paint Works for their tips on choosing a paint finish.

Increase The Value of Your Property

When people begin to think about having renovation work done in their home the first thought that crosses their mind is the upfront cost they are going to have to pay. Many will balk at the idea as the benefits don’t appear, at first, to outweigh that initial cost. However, as a long-term investment good renovation work can increase the value of your property in addition to adding that extra little something to your home.

Here we will take a look at a couple of reasons why both basement renovations & kitchen renovations in Victoria BC are a good choice for any homeowner.

Increase The Value of Your Property

The number one reason that you should look into having home renovation work done, particularly if you are considering moving house, is that any work will automatically improve the value of your property.

In fact, any real estate agent will tell you that the kitchen is always a key selling point for a property. If the buyer likes the kitchen the odds are that you will receive a better offer for your home. This means that renovation work is certainly worth considering, whether you are staying in the property for the long term or considering moving on at a later date.

More Space

While kitchen renovation work can give your kitchen a fresh new appeal, by renovating the basement you now have a new room that gives you an extra bit of space in the property in addition to providing you with options.

For example, with a good basement renovation in Victoria BC, you can make the basement appealing to potential tenants, which means that it can be used as a source of income. Furthermore, the room becomes something much more than a basic storage room, which adds plenty to your home both in terms of quality of life and the value that is added to the property.

Energy Savings

Remodeling in older homes can be a little costly, however, as most remodels will be done with the latest energy efficiency standards in mind you will find that they can save you plenty of money in the long run.

This is because a kitchen or basement remodel will generally include appliances and other items that are built to modern standards. This can help you to save money on your energy bill, particularly if the appliances that you currently use are beginning to show their age. This steady saving each month will eventually build up until the cost of the renovation work is paid for and you can start to see an improvement in your bank balance as a result.

Why You Should Have Your Carpets Cleaned Regularly

Having your carpets cleaned regularly is an overlooked thing to do. We thought the same until we started to use a company here in Victoria. We wanted to have them write the blog post to help you understand why it’s important to have your carpets cleaned regularly.

Many people do not consider the many issues that a dirty carpet can cause in the home. Instead, they believe vacuuming every so often is enough to ensure that the carpet remains in good condition.

Unfortunately, this is not usually the case and we at Dri-Way Carpet & Upholstery Care have worked with many carpets that were much grimier than their owners thought they would be.

The issue is that dirt and other stains bed into the carpet over time and simply cannot be removed with standard carpet cleaning practices. Over time these particles not only damage the quality of the carpet but can also cause issues with the quality of the air in the home.

While the likes of dust mites are a common problem that most people are aware of, particularly in regards to their shedding and waste getting into the air, there are a variety of other issues that people should be aware of.

With our Carpet Cleaning in Victoria BC service you can avoid all of these issues. Air quality, in particular, is a major factor in many people’s choice so we also thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate why it is a good idea to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis.

Fewer Allergies

Allergies can be caused by all sorts of things, including dust particles and pollen. In fact, if somebody in your home suffered from hay fever then they are actually even more at risk of aggravating the condition if the carpet isn’t cleaned on a regular basis.

This is because pollen, like dirt, can be trodden deep into a carpet where it is impossible to remove with a vacuum. This means that particles from the pollen will often get in the air supply, leading to aggravation of allergies. This is especially the case for homes that have a HVAC system or use other methods of air circulation.

Bad Bacteria

It’s not just dirt and grime from the great outdoors that can find its way into your carpets and stay there for an extended period of time. There are a range of other bacteria that can wind up calling your carpet their home and many of them are capable of causing serious illness.

The likes of E.coli and salmonella can be found in some carpets, particularly if food has been dropped on the carpet in the past. Getting rid of these bacteria should be a top priority and will also ensure that you are breathing clearer air as a result.

Building Your Dream Home on Your Dream Land

For some, it’s always about the land – inherited land, land bought because it’s the most beautiful place on earth, land for your future retirement home – land.  The house is almost an incidental item to the land.  Others see the merger of house and land, particularly if their house is to be developed and built by a custom home builder Victoria.

Call of the land

Building your custom home on land that you’ve selected can be tremendously rewarding.  But selecting the right property for your dream home takes careful consideration and investigation.  As a future home builder Victoria, there are some steps you should plan on taking, preferably before you actually purchase the land.

  • Have the site professionally assessed for feasibility and cost to build.  Your dream location may be so remote that it is inaccessible to power lines, gas, water and sewer connections, and transportation.

An expert builder can assess what it will cost in money and time to link your property to a power grid, water and gas resources, pave an access road linking your property with primary transportation routes, and hauling materials and supplies to the site.  Any of these potential obstacles may delay or completely halt the building of your home.

  • Your dream site doesn’t have to be a remote location.  It might be in an already developing suburban or even urban area.  An expert home builder can guide you through the potential challenges and possibilities of building on property in an existing developed area.

The custom home builder Victoria can determine if a site requires your future home to be supported by below-ground piers.  Another consideration is if there have been environmental damages, the site is on a known earthquake fault, situated in a flood zone, or on (or near) a landslide area.

Your expert will also investigate any easement requirements, zoning laws, architecture guidelines, permits, review processes, and property line restrictions that may pertain to your prospective home site.

Putting house to land

Thanks to some expert guidance, you have purchased land on which to build your dream home.  Now it’s time to put the house on the land.  What do you have in mind?

  • You can choose to have your new home completely custom-designed. This can be an exciting and creative time as you collaborate with a custom home builder and an architect.
  • You may want to consider selecting from a wide range of available house plans.  There may be one design that is exactly right for both the land you have purchased and all your dream house interests.
  • A third option is to customize an existing house plan so that it more fully meets your needs.

You’ve accomplished two major milestones toward building your dream home:  you have purchased your land and begun the process of designing your home.  Trust your professional custom homes Victoria builder to be one of your best allies and resources as you continue building your dream home.

Expats Guide to Settle in America


Life in the UK 

Moving from one place to another, especially having been settled is mixed with excitement and fear. Excitement comes due to change of life and environment, and fear, is because of un-expectation lying ahead. Living in the UK is a great achievement and wish for many people. In recent years, the standard of living has gone up surpassing many big cities around the world. Even though it depends on individuals circumstances, it is hard for an average person to maintain good and balanced life in the UK. Prices of basic things from housing, food, clothing, transport, and entertainment compared to many places worldwide have skyrocketed and hard to meet in the UK. The hard part is when accommodation is for long time.

Moving to the USA

Before moving to the US, it is better to consider the key things and areas you want to settle. It is always advisable to plan ahead of time after doing enough research, and stay within budget. Popular cities with high level of life equal to expensive way of life. For expats moving in the USA are mainly in search of jobs and therefore settling in cities with a stable economy is highly recommended. It is not wise to settle immediately in New York, San Francisco and so on since they are the big and most expensive cities in the USA. Most preferred places to settle are Dallas, Texas, Austin, and Houston among others. Further, note many Americans are moving to less expensive cities and urban.


Many expats around the world move to the USA and that is the reason it is popular multi-cultural country largely dominated by Spanish, Italian, African, Indians and many more. For new expat, it is easy to adjust and get used to life freely. This includes students, and varied professionals from all parts of the world.


Americans are friendly people and most diverse nation on earth. Getting along for expats is easy, though it is wise to gradually be-friend as time goes on until one is fully used and comfortable. While there, it is very hard to differentiate people’s nationalities, since they become easily assimilated by American culture and lifestyle.


The most improved and best transportation in the world is in the USA. Great transport has for long been enjoyed in this country, owing to its good planning. Majority of citizens owns a car, but for those without one or prefer otherwise, use well organized public transport ranging from buses, trains, and cabs. Public transport is very much affordable.


There are many possibilities and job offers that expats may not struggle much without settling. It is no wonder USA, is the world super power country, bearing in mind the number of expats move yearly. The country has a best system and guide on working conditions and job search.

House Rent

Majorities are homeowners, and therefore it is easy for expats to acquire their own homes with time. The process involved is not complicated, and therefore easy to go through. However, at first settling for rentals is a good start, before opting for other alternatives.

Moving is fun and part of learning. Staying in the USA is a good change of weather, environment, and expats adopt easily than any other nation in the world. The process of application is very easy through ESTA system online and no paper work as well as documentation is required.

The Fianancial Decision of Home Ownership

Home ownership is one of the biggest financial decisions we make and usually the costliest.  For some people they would prefer to be life time renters for reasons their own personal reasons.

The permanence of having your own place means being responsible for the maintenance and upkeep rather than leaving it to a landlord.  I believe the ratio of maintenance percentage is 10% of the value annually to attain this.

Our home is nearly twenty years old so some upgrades have been completed.  All the bathrooms have been renovated have been re tiled, the floors and tub surround also a new glass shower in the master bathroom. These were done just in time as we found the start of mould forming in both bathrooms. The home was constructed prior to the cement wallboard used now to prevent mold from forming.

Although the windows are double glazed we are now considering upgrading them to vinyl.  Also the extra insulation factor will help muffle the growing traffic noises since we moved here. One other thought is to install double French doors in place of the existing sliding glass door.

There are many questions to be answered as this is a new experience for us.  Just wondering if this affects the inside finish, drywall or window sills in any way.  And how much mess is left to clean up afterwards, it’s a given decision that we will have the install completed in the warmer months.

We have done new home construction previously, however this is really living in a construction zone. One or two estimates should be sufficient for comparison purposes as well we will check the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Hopefully we will not be required to cut back too much of the landscaping, which makes me think the early Spring may be the ideal time of year. Usually after we trim all the shrubs and trees close to the house it would allow easy access to complete the installation.

Relatives bought a new condo and the soundproofing the newer glass provides will be welcome to deaden the murmur of cars driving on what has become a very heavily used route. And really that’s the biggest issue that concerns us, aside from that it’s not like a new kitchen or something to stand back and admire how lovely it looks.  Although the new French doors onto our back deck will be much more appealing to the whole look of that area.

It’s a large cash outlay but it is important to keep your property in good repair in order to recoup your investment later on.  At some point, whether or we downsize or just feel ready for a change moving will become an option.  The decision now is to use our savings or apply for a small line of credit to cover the cost involved.

Like all projects once you do one change another one comes to mind pretty quickly. The idea is to spread these upgrades out over the years instead of tackling it all at the same time.

Renting vs Owning a Home

After many years of being renters we were discussing the possibility of once more entering the world of home ownership   Renting in the long term is paying someone else’s mortgage and helping them reach their financial goals.

There is also the lack of freedom to choose decorating or landscaping ideas, and a person never can be certain that the property owner may choose to sell the home at any given time. So we felt it was time to explore the feasibility of home ownership once more.

When you are buying your own home you feel you have some control over your  life and cannot be asked to move without warning just as you are getting comfortably settled.

With that in mind we explored our options within the parameters of our budget. Townhouse, condo or a house, would a new build, or an existing residence, which be our best choice. Each option has it’s benefits and of course challenges so which would be the better choice for our family. A condo might be too small and confining for our growing family, and there is the strata fees to be taken into account, The townhouse although a bit larger has the issue of little yard space and proximity to your neighbor  The next step up could be a home built on the smaller lot or a custom home built on a larger plot of land.

In the past we envisioned a home that would encompass all  of our creative ideas.  We had  blueprints drawn up by an architect, our dream home, five bedrooms, four and a half baths, two story Colonial with a walkout basement.

The prospect of building that once in a lifetime home was extremely appealing but budget as a major factor.

So off to see our friendly banker or a mortgage broker is always another route to take. Once we have the monetary concerns settled we could consult a realtor and talk to a general contractor or custom home builder to discuss price and options and compare.

Being able to have control over everything from the colors, counter tops, cabinets, light fixtures, and whether hardwood, carpeting or tile would be a good choice. Although very exciting it can be very stressful and overwhelming to take on such a huge task. With the right professional working with you this will proceed much smoother as they have the knowledge and experience to guide us.

We  will ask for referrals and for homes or any developments locally that they have been involved with.

A search of any available bare land will be one of the first steps and comparing the costs of purchasing a spec home over going with the custom build, it will be an interesting experience no matter what the outcome.

Whatever choice we decide on it will be nice to be a home owner once again.

Is home ownership right for you?

Recently I had a chat with a friend. We were talking about owning a home. She was mentioning a friend who was talking about trying to find a home to buy. But she wasn’t convinced that her friend should own a home.

So our conversation turned to the duties as a homeowner.

The first one is obviously financial. What is your budget when it comes to owning a home? Here’s a nice planner. Do you have enough money to pay for a good size down payment on the new home? If not you’ll have to worry about our next issue.

Are you going to be able to afford the monthly mortgage payments? I talk to many friends who are always stressed about the mortgage payments and other costs that we incur on a daily basis. If you have a family it costs a lot to feed and pay for entertainment.

The next issue thing to think about when it comes to home ownership is up keep. From cleaning the house to gardening, a lot of your time can be spend cleaning the home and maintaining it’s appearance. Do you have a lot of hobbies? Do you like to do the things above? If you answered yes to both questions, you may struggle to find time. One option is to hire a gardener and maid. But that will add to your costs.

Lastly, no matter what home you buy, you’re going to want to change things. Each room will require a lot of changes. This will require money no matter if you hire a contractor or do it yourself. Obviously if you do it yourself your time will be required to do those things. And one thing many people don’t think about is that your home will be under construction a lot. Are you able to live in a home that is always being worked on?

Just because society tells you you must own a home, you really need to think about the questions above before you start looking for a home.