Differences between residential and commercial elevators

An elevator designed for your home will be designed differently because each serves an entirely specific purpose. What are the differences?

Designed to carry different objects

Commercial elevators are often put in place out of necessity to get work completed efficiently moving items between floors. Elevators in restaurants where the space covers multiple floors and the kitchen happens to be on a lower floor helps transport meals safely. Cruise ships would be another commercial application for moving meals, tableware etc between floors where thousands of people are fed many times a day. Office buildings transport important documents and hotels move laundry and other items easily through what can be very large spaces. In many ways commercial elevators are used for a business to keep up with demand where efficiency is key. These elevators used to move smaller items for commercial use are called dumbwaiters and then there is larger ones we are more familiar with using. The ones installed to carry guests in hotels, cruise ships, large complexes or office buildings have a larger capacity.

Home Elevators

Home elevators in Vancouver are different in that comfort and style are often more important, the homeowner will likely want them to blend in with the home’s decor. With many large homes and all townhomes being built on multiple levels they would find a dumbwaiter convenient when transporting larger items. If your garage or main entrance is on the lower level moving groceries, prepared meals or laundry frequently would make installing a dumbwaiter an easy decision.You may opt  for the larger version of home elevator is an alternative to moving disabled or elderly people between floors allowing them to live independently.

Carry More

The home dumbwaiter used for carrying objects would allow a total weight capacity of 50 to 120 pounds, the ones for carrying passengers would have a higher capacity. Residential dumbwaiters can typically make up to four stops and go to 35 vertical feet. The commercial version is able to be programed for up to six stops with a maximum of 50 vertical feet. Elevators for carrying people will be able to hold more weight which determines the number of people at one time. Dumbwaiters have been around for a long time although originally they were moved between floors using a pulley system unlike the motorized ones now in use. Both commercial and residential applications benefit from the ability to move heavy items and people efficiently and with greater ease.

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