How Do Solar Panels Work

Edmonton solar panels are based on a modern but extraordinarily simple tool that transforms sunlight into electricity.

A solar panel converts the light from the sun directly into electricity. We use electricity in the majority of our day to day activities. Like turning on the lamp, electrons travel through the wire and lights up the bulb. The flow of electrons is known as electricity.

A single solar panel is composed of a number of small solar cells. Every cell utilizes the light from the sun to make electrons move. The solar cells are made from two various layers that are held together. The initial layer is filled with electrons, so electrons can easily transfer from this layer to the other layer. While the second layer has less amount of electrons on it so it can easily take in electrons.

How does a solar cell turn sunlight into electricity?

Inside a crystal, the bond among silicon atoms is composed of electrons that are shared among the atoms in the crystal. The light from the sun is absorbed, and the energy level of an electron that is among the bonds gets high enough and can move freely compared to when it was bound. That electron has the capacity to move easily in the crystal, and the result is a current.

Try to think of having a ledge, just like a mantelpiece on your wall, and you throw a ball on that ledge. That is the same with an electron attaining a high level of energy, and it will not fall.

Photons, which are packets of light energy comes in and it collides with electron going to the ledge and that energy stays there until it is collected through the use of electricity.

Powering Homes and Business Establishments with Solar Panels

Electrical current that leaves a module or an array of modules, goes through a wire channel that goes into an inverter. This tool, which looks like a waffle iron, transforms direct current that flows using a fixed current and voltage, into alternating current, which then runs with oscillating current and voltage. Every electrical appliance around the world operates on alternating current. From the inverter, the power coming from solar panels goes into a business or house’s circuitry or power plant and into the electrical grid of the region. An independent power system can create a self-contained circuit without having to connect to the grid. But, the off-grid system will need batteries to store the power for certain time like during night when panels can’t absorb enough sunlight.

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