How to Disguise Security Cameras Around Your Home

Part of many security measures homeowners can integrate into their home security system are security cameras. Making use of these small and portable cameras by concealing them around the home for added security is easy to learn. Read the tips listed below from Victoria BC Security Systems company Security & Cellular to sufficiently disguise and use your surveillance cameras for increased home security.

Strategically Placed Cameras

Offering the homeowner the ability to monitor activity in real time the cameras are most effective when placed as follows:

  • Install in common areas ( living room, kitchen, toy room )
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting
  • Position the camera to capture wide angles for full surveillance angles

Proper placement of cameras allows homeowners to identify and respond promptly to potentially hazardous situations with the ability to track activity even while away from home. Hidden cameras can serve as visual and evidence in the following situations.

  • Babysitter neglecting children
  • Healthcare provider mistreating an elderly patient
  • A visitor stealing belongings from the home
  • Any attempt to break into the home
  • An alarm event is triggered

Hide cameras in common household items

The choice of everyday items around the house where they will blend into the natural surroundings is the best way for them to avoid detection.

  • Artificial plants, by placing the small camera in a flower pot you can them use the leaves to prevent its discovery
  • Curtain rods offer a position of higher placement and are less likely to be detected
  • Hollow books, when placed inside a hollow book and surrounded by other books the camera will be virtually undetectable
  • Plush toys hidden inside a child’s plush toy allows you to keep an eye on your child and the babysitter
  • Tissue boxes, try cutting a small opening in the side of a tissue box helps you be aware of any suspicious activity while you’re away.

Adhere to local regulations

Before installing surveillance cameras always check with any local laws that may prohibit their use. It can be unlawful to film anyone without their consent, and never film anything in a restroom. When used legally and appropriately hidden cameras can be a useful tool for homeowners concerned about the safety of their family and security of their home. Contact Security & Cellular Plus we’re here to answer any questions regarding the security of your home.


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