How Do Solar Panels Perform in the Winter

Winter performance of solar panels is the most common question we answer. It’s a misconception that solar panels need sunshine and heat to charge. In fact, solar systems run off daylight not heat. So solar panels perform very well in the winter unless you live at the north pole and see absolutely no daylight. However cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Grande Prairie, Lloydminister all have the perfect winter climate for Edmonton solar panels.

How cloudy is your climate?

If you live in a cloudy climate you’ll want to make sure your solar panels are high efficiency and are anti-reflective. This way your panels can still charge from daylight, without needing alot of sunshine. However because daylight hours are reduced in winter, you will be collecting less energy. Thankfully Alberta and Saskatchewan have big wide open skies, dry air with plenty of sunshine and daylight in the winter.

How do solar panels deal with snow?

A high quality solar panel, shouldn’t have an issue with being covered by snow. Panels that are installed properly in at an appropriate angle and location will enable the snow to slide off the anti stick surface quite easily. In rare circumstances, a very large amount of wet sticky snow in a short amount of time will result in snow staying on the surface of your solar panels. In this case hire a professional to remove the snow, with good instructions on where the panels are. Proper care and attention should be used when removing snow from solar panels.

How do temperature shifts affect solar panels?

Temperature shifts can affect solar panels quite adversely, but only if they are low quality solar panels. Big differences in temperature cause solar panels to expand and contract. Lower quality solar panels will crack due to moisture seeping into the expansion and contraction lines and allowing for corrosion. It is important if you live in a climate that experiences drastic temperature changes to have a high quality product. Preferably with no metal on the front and copper, plated with tin, all along the back.

Solarcor Products and Warranty

At Solarcor Energy all our products are high quality. You never have to worry about our products failing because we offer a warranty on both installation and the products. More importantly though your solar system will be custom designed to match your location and energy consumption needs, so problems are unlikely to occur in the first place, saving you the hassle of dealing with warranty issues and reinstallation.

Choosing A paint Finish

The walls and woodwork can experience some wear and tear over time and especially if you have children or pets. When you go to touch up the paint you discover the paint colour looks completely different. You may be surprised to know it’s not the colour but the paint finish that’s causing this effect. Paint colours in different finishes change the sheen that is mixed into the paint. When choosing a paint finish it’s important to consider the area or room you are painting. Here are some tips from Victoria BC Painters Paint Works.

We can spend a lot of time pondering the colour we think will look good and compliment our furniture or drapes. Next you need to choose the finish that will work whether it’s durability or you need to hide some minor flaws.

Paint finishes come in four general categories depending offering a different level of reflectivity and durability.

Flat Finish

Paint with a flat finish gives the wall a well saturated, rich colour. Ideal for covering imperfections in joints for example it is the most forgiving finish. It lacks any type of sheen and the major drawback is it’s lack of durability that requires care when cleaning.

Best places to use flat paint are ceilings, low traffic areas and rooms that don’t require extensive cleaning

Washable Flat

Washable flat paints only come in Premium flat colours it’s washable and allows for easy touch ups. So it’s washability in addition to the other great attributes of a flat finish like good color saturation and hiding imperfections make it a good choice.

Best places to use would be general living spaces.

Eggshell/ Satin/ Low luster finish

Eggshell is the most popular finish for any areas that may need frequent cleaning. It provides a subtle sheen with great coloring that can hide minor imperfections as well. Light reflective it has a low angular sheen yet lacks the chalky appearance of flat paint or the sheen of a semi gloss finish. Offering the truest color match it will be the most like the swatch color when you paint your walls. Possibly it’s best feature is its strength allows it to dry just a bit harder than other finishes and it’s highly resistant to moisture.

Best places to use  are living areas, kitchens, any high traffic areas

Semi Gloss finish

Provides a high sheen is light reflective while giving off a beautiful glow this is the most durable of all the finishes and very easy to clean.

Best places to use are on wood trim, kitchen cabinets and doors.

Thanks to Paint Works for their tips on choosing a paint finish.

Why should you wear safety glasses during summer yard work?

Summer means undertaking lots of enjoyable outdoor activities; it also means a time for various eye injuries. Summer is the perfect time for people to accomplish home improvement works, yard work, gardening, etc., but this makes potential eye injuries just around the corner and more probable.

So before you indulge in summer fun, it is crucial to take safety measure to ensure that your eyes are protected. Here are some tips from Calgary Optometrists Dr. Alex Wilson & Associates.

A lot of eye injuries occur inside and around the house, in the kitchen, garden, garage or lawn. Regrettably, these injuries are avoidable with proper safety knowledge.

For instance, line trimmers that spin at 6,000 and 14,000 rpm can throw pieces of debris, rocks, and nylons. What’s worse is that glasses or reasonable distances away from the line trimmer can’t offer maximum protection.

An eye injury is a terrible experience, but it can be prevented or minimized beforehand. Here are some experiences for you to ponder:

  • A woman who was 15 feet away from a line trimmer and was wearing normal prescription glasses but lost her eye as a piece from the line trimmer broke.
  • A veteran landscaper’s sunglasses were knocked off by a piece of rock tossed by a line trimmer and resulted with his eyes bleeding. Fortunately, his vision returned but after a long period.
  • A kid lost his vision when he was 30 feet away from a lawnmower that tossed a tiny metal.

To stay safe from eye injuries, observe these guidelines:

  • In using powered lawn care equipment like a saw, hammer, or grinder, make sure to wear polycarbonate safety goggles that have side guards or wraparounds to stop debris entering through the framers. Normal glasses provide minimal protection against debris. Ideally, every home must have a minimal of 1 pair of ANSI-approved protective eyewear that is worn while doing any activities or projects. ANSI-approved protective eyewear is safety equipment approved by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) eye protection standard. ANSI-approved protective eyewear is available in many hardware stores. For people who require glasses correction, they can go to the optical department, which can put prescription put into safety glasses to provide vision while using power tools.
  • Bystander, particularly kids are sometimes the victims of injuries in the eyes due to power equipment. Ensure that bystanders are away at a safe distance when using power equipment.
  • Before using power tools, make sure to check lawns and gardens for debris materials.

Thanks to Dr. Alex Wilson & Associates for these tips on keeping your eyes safe when you are doing summer yard work.

How surge protectors work?

Surge protectors or surge protective devices are designed to control transient overvoltages and divert surge current or both. They come highly recommended from electricians in Victoria BC. It has a minimal one nonlinear part. In short, SPDs or surge protective devices intend to control overvoltages with an aim of avoiding damage and downtime to equipment and because of transient voltage surges getting to the devices they protect.

So you can understand better, here’s an example: think of a water mill that’s being protected by a pressure relief valve. The valve doesn’t do anything until there’s an overpressure pulse happening from the water supply. If that happens, the valve will open and pushes the extra pressure away so it will not get in the water wheel.

If there’s no relief valve, then extreme pressure could destroy the water wheel or maybe the linkage for the saw. Even if the relief valve was there and functioning properly, traces of the pressure pulse will still go to the wheel. However, pressure may have been lowered not to destroy the water wheel or upset its functioning. This shows how surge protective devices work. They lower transients to intensities that will not destroy or upset the work of sensitive electronic devices.

How does it function?

The electrical appliances you’re using get power from wall sockets. The power coming from the socket goes directly to the appliance through the cable. In surge protective devices, the main power line has another connection connected to it that goes into the ground wire also called the Earth wire, which is a wire that sends any unwanted electrical current to the earth. Usually, the surge connection is not active. But, if there is the presence of a large than the normal voltage that created excessive current, the excess electric current is sent safely to the ground. This means that there’s no excess current flowing in your appliance, so it is safe from danger.

How can the surge connection identify if it’s time to divert excess current? Through a device known as a varistor or voltage-dependent resistor, created from a material known as a metal-oxide semiconductor, which is normally a bad electricity conductor. If there’s excess voltage, the varistor becomes a good conductor and begins carrying electric current normally. As long the surge voltage continues, the semiconductor sends excess current into the ground. After everything goes back to normal, the semiconductor switches back.

This means that your appliance isn’t only protected, but it will go on to work normally.

Thanks to Jaycox Industries for explaining how surge protectors work.

Which pool cover is best for you?


A swimming pool cover is an important piece of device if you have a pool. This is used to cover your pool during the winter or if your pool is left unattended for a number of days. Pool covers help protect your pool from rubbles such as dirt and leaves, and they act as protection if you have kids and pets. Covers can also minimize the need for pool chemicals since your water is not exposed to the sun.

With so many options, how do you choose?

There are various types of swimming pool covers, and each of them has their unique assets. Important this is to know each type so can decide on what to buy. Listed below are few types of pool covers to help you pick what’s right for you.

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers can help with safety concerns and are very easy to use. Basin on its name, automatic pool covers will automatically open or close at a single press of a button. They are very easy to operate and are more secure compared to other types of pool covers.

Unfortunately, this type of cover is quite expensive, but the benefits are greater than the price. A lot of pool owners say that the extra amount is worth it, and also, it is so cool to just simply push a button, and it will open and close on command.

Automatic pool covers can only be installed by professionals. If properly installed; it’s hard for anyone to fall into the pool.

Tarp Pool Cover

Among the various types, this is the least expensive. A basic tarp is used to cover your pool and help in place using water tubes. They can help in blocking out the sun, which lessens the chance of algae growth (particularly if used with UV system). Though this cover is not that expensive and can help block the sun, chances of water from rain and snow building up is very high.

Thermal Pool Covers

Thermal pool covers can be considered as among the best type of pool covers. They can block sunlight, making sure algae growth is lessened. They can also retain heat much better compared to solar covers. Thermal covers are made from insulating foam material, and although they are more expensive compared to other types, they can insulate better compared to solar covers.

Safety Pool Covers

These are made by either solid or mesh and are placed over your pool. They are held by attached springs and hooked in an anchor. Mesh safety pool covers is more common because the solid kind permits more build up same to the tarp cover. Though these covers are not made to be walked on, they can take on a certain amount of load, which makes them ideal if you have a concern about safety.


Upgrading Your Electrical System to Become More Eco Friendly

Taking easy simple steps to reducing energy consumption in our everyday lives can have an enormous positive impact of the environment. These small changes from Jaycox Industries aren’t just healthy for the planet, they will also help you save money.

Change light bulbs

Did you know the typical 60 watt light bulb lasts 1500hrs while CFL (compact fluorescents) last 10,000hrs? The regular incandescent 60 watt light bulb wastes a lot of energy on producing heat, while the CFL doesn’t- resulting in an energy savings of 75% and a reduction in fire hazards. And because they last so much longer using CFL lightbulbs reduces waste in the landfill and saves the earth 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Also coming on the market are LED bulbs, though currently they are more expensive, they stand to reduce energy consumption even further than the CFL bulbs.

Replace appliances with energy efficient models

Laundry appliances, dishwasher, fridge, freezer and oven/stoves are major draws on power. Starting with your fridge and freezer is going to have the biggest impact on savings due to these appliances running all day every day. Next target your dryer and consider a natural gas dryer to reduce consumption even more. Or consider hanging your clothes to dry. This can be a little tough in our moist chilly winter here in Victoria! But definitely a realistic option for the beautiful summer, spring and fall months.

Install programmable thermostats

Heating or cooling your home when you aren’t there is a serious waste in energy and programmable thermostats prevent this waste. In Victoria there are rebate incentives to having programmable thermostats installed and sometimes you can even have the entire cost covered. Making sure you aren’t wasting climate control energy on heat or air conditioning for hundreds of hours a month when you aren’t home will result in a big reduction in energy consumption and save thousands of dollars over the years.

Helping the planet and saving you money is really about making small changes. CFL or LED light bulbs, modern energy efficient appliances and programmable thermostats are all great places to start. They items keep you comfortable yet are part of everyday green living.
If you would like to cut down on your hydro bills and want to help the environment at the same time, please contact our Victoria electricians and find out how they help.

Should My Arborist Be Insured?

In a nutshell, pardon the pun, yes. Insurance is designed not only to protect the customer but if you are the Edmonton arborist, it protects you as well! Trees can weigh many tons and their care, maintenance, removal, or trimming is all very risky work. If you do some of the following then you should have arborist insurance:

Landscaping: It may seem strange but if you do this you should have insurance. Landscapers have been known to hit water and electrical lines or accidently ruin or destroy rare plants or other things of value. Having insurance provides you an extra layer of protection from the unforeseen. Once you’ve had an accident, it’s too late to get insurance!

Tree pruning: Working dozens of feet in the air, often with windy conditions, on a large swaying tree near a home or power lines can be considered to be slightly risky work. It should come as no surprise then that having insurance to cover many of these aspects is important. Remember, insurance does not just protect the customer, it protects you, too! Falls, falling debris or limbs, dropping a limb on a car, or worse a person are all things that should be taken into consideration when deciding what kind of insurance to get. You don’t just want to protect yourself but your customers as well.

Tree removal: Perhaps one of the most high risk areas of being an arborist who does tree pruning is actually removing a multi-ton tree from a dense residential neighbourhood. Having insurance will not only give your customers better piece of mind but you as well.

Pest management: You should have insurance when dealing with toxic chemicals designed to kill things. Accidental overuse, exposure, misapplication, and other things can open you up to a suit or hurt your health.

So what should you do?

The first thing is before you ever start to work, for yourself or for others, talk to an insurance agent to find the right kind of insurance for your work. Price is important but it is not everything. You want a company that will be fair, be honest, and if you should need it, be willing to pay out. Their reliability is far more important than their bottom-line price. You will likely need a few different kinds of insurance – you will want insurance that protects you and your workers, that protects your clients and their property, and that protects your equipment and your business. Like with trees, taking proper precautions can help your business to grow and thrive for years to come.

How Often Is Exterior House Painting Needed

Your home represents a big investment so it’s important to take care of the exterior to protect the value of your home. When the paint on the outside begins to fade, chip and crack it needs to be addressed before it becomes a bigger problem. Tackling a job like that can be a daunting task that requires attention every 5 to 10 years. The colour of paint and climate in your part of the country all play a part in how often you will need to do exterior maintenance.

Ask yourself if the home’s exterior is still a reflection of your personal standards. Have you noticed any wood rot, also if you are considering selling your home how will a fresh paint job affect it’s value.

Maintaining the exterior of your home can extend the life of an exterior paint job. Taking time to deal with any issues as they occur with annual maintenance stops small problems from becoming bigger problems. Keeping gutters and downspouts free of debris prevents water backup from damaging the exterior of your home as well.

Here are some signs the exterior of your home needs painting from Paint Works:

  • is the paint chipping?
  • it is fading or peeling?
  • have you noticed any patches of bare wood?

Tips for exterior painting that will last

How you approach the painting project on your home’s exterior will make a big difference in how long it will last. When considering the quotes you’ve gathered from consulting professionals remember trying to save money now could end up costing you more down the line. A contractor who doesn’t pay attention to details could mean you’ll wind up needing to repaint in as little as one or two years. Preparing the wood surface and choosing the correct paint will extend the life of the paint job if done the right way.

Points to ponder regarding exterior painting projects

  • Don’t delay that paint job as unprotected wood may experience rot and need replacing adding to the expense of your project
  • Address all damaged surfaces before painting begins, sealing and caulking are necessary before starting
    Start with a clean surface prior to applying new primer or paint power washing may even become necessary
  • Using a paint primer is highly recommended to prepare the surface for paint and can extend the life of your exterior paint job
  • The type of paint used is important using a high quality paint that is durable and meant for exterior surfaces will extend the paint job

A paint job by professional painters in Victoria BC that is done correctly requires prep work and hiring an experienced painting contractor will ensure the job is done properly.

3 Kitchen Cabinets You Can’t Do Without

Kitchen cabinets provide storage space for food, dishes and cookware while keeping your workspace tidy and organized.  Once for utilitarian purposes your kitchen cabinets have  evolved to become a reflection of the overall design of the home. Every kitchen should have the following 3 types of kitchen cabinets to maximize its’  functionality. Here to help out is Seaside Cabinetry & Design.

Base Cabinets

The lower cabinets or base cabinets form the footprint of your kitchen are mounted to the floor with openings for appliances like the fridge and stove and house the dishwasher and sink as well. Supporting the countertops, the work surface you will use on a daily basis, contain sets of drawers and provide easier access when handling heavier items like pots and pans. A kitchen island in your design is built from base cabinets and installed onsite.

Wall Cabinets

Placed above your base cabinets and fixed to the wall are the upper cabinets, allowing convenience for storing dishes, glasses and any food items used more frequently. If storage in a smaller space or lots of storage space is needed the upper cabinets can be designed to make use of the full height of wall even to the ceiling. Kitchen design elements can have glass doors on some cupboards to display special dishes acting as a china cabinet while cabinets with regular doors will protect fragile or costly items. Primarily for food storage and items used everyday, baking supplies, flour, sugar and baking pans can be stored in cabinets that are less accessible.

Pantry/Utility Tall Cabinets

Installing a pantry or utility cupboard provides more storage than a lower and upper cabinet if you put those 2 together, with a full length cabinet from floor to ceiling you gain better storage. Small appliances kept in the utility cabinet keep countertops free of clutter and keep the kitchen looking tidier giving you more usable work surface. Great for storing extra canned goods, cleaning supplies, brooms even the microwave can be incorporated into the layout of this cupboard.

Whether you’re in the planning stages of a new build or remodeling your present kitchen the choices are only limited by one’s imagination. A kitchen designer can offer suggestions for a more functional layout, different cabinet door finishes, door hardware and countertops to suit your individual taste and budget.

Thanks to Seaside Cabinetry & Design. If you are looking for custom cabinets in Victoria, contact them today.

Trends In Kitchen Cabinets For 2016

Trends in remodeling come and go and  that’s evident in the heart of the home, the kitchen, a room that once was more functional than stylish. If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen here are some current trends in Victoria kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet trends have not changed as much as other elements and some are here to stay.

Personalized Cabinets

Cabinet companies offer a variety of styles and colours to match any style and decor so adding your personal touch can reflect your taste. This flexibility has even those who can afford custom cabinets opting for the more affordable option with semi custom cabinets.

Clean Lines and Subtle Design

Cabinet door styles have evolved into simpler styles, the use of clean lines keeps your kitchen from having a dated appearance. Black and white kitchens go perfectly with the sleek design and the crisp, clean look is visually appealing.

Use of Colour

Another trend in cabinet colours is the use of gray, the subtle use of neutrals and earth tones can give a feeling of warmth. Use of a neutral palette here allows you to introduce bold colours elsewhere in your home.

Functional Design

Every room in your home should blend function with design and nowhere is that more evident than in the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are designed to look appealing but provide storage, organization and ease of access. Utilizing every space above your cabinets,or install a drawer in your kick toe under the cabinets. A lazy susan makes good use of corner cabinets, consider pull out shelving, adding extra drawers to upper cabinets or other storage solutions.

Horizontal Cabinetry

A preferred design has been all squares and vertical rectangles, a new trend that’s emerging is horizontal cabinetry. Cabinets are getting wider so there is less need to stack cabinets to gain more storage for dishes, pots and pans. Horizontal design not only gives a much cleaner, refined look to the room but allows for greater ease of access.

High Tech Options

Today’s world is one where life is busy and we’re connected and kitchen designers are keeping up by introducing high tech options. Homeowners are adding cabinets with built in charging stations and  hands free functionality in some of the design elements. Recipes may not come from cookbooks anymore and can be researched online and tablet holders allow a convenient access. These innovations as well as other kitchen design trends have made our lives easier.

Thanks to Seaside Cabinetry & Design for their tips to help you understand the latest trends in kitchen cabinets.

5 Things to do After a Fire

We often assume that our house will be safe from things like fires and floods, but in reality we can’t be protected from everything. In the case of a fire depending on the damage, you might lose a lot of valuables and need to repair your home, as well as deal with the emotional trauma of going through an event like that. Yet there are some helpful tips that can help you go through this type of event with less stress, and greater knowledge. You will be aware you will need to call a restoration company in Calgary at some point.

What to do First

Once the fire and rescue service do their duty and extinguish the fire, the property becomes your responsibility once again. If the damage is great enough that you can’t stay there, remove any valuables, and lock all windows and doors that there’s no chance of someone else coming in. Also, if you have an insurance policy that deals with house fires, call them to see what kind of cover you may receive.

Take Care of Your Health

If you were in the house during the fire, there may be a chance that you inhaled smoke, which can be further exacerbated if you have asthma or other respiratory problems. Even if you feel a bit unwell, see your doctor as soon as you can, and if you feel very unwell, make your way to the hospital through accident and emergency. Try to have someone go with you for support.

Seek Alternative Accommodation

If a large part of your home was affected by the fire, and you feel unsafe to enter it, arrange an alternative place to stay, perhaps with friends or relatives. If that is not an option for you, check your insurance policy and see if they cover a stay at a hotel while your house is being checked and repaired.

Checking Utilities

You may be tempted after the fire to turn utilities back on, such as the gas supply. However, it is important that you do not turn these back on until everything has been checked by a professional. If you do so without the aid of a professional, you are risking even more damage to your home.

Take Care of Your Emotional Health

If you find yourself reliving the event of the fire over and over again, it will be important to talk to a professional counsellor or therapist about the fire. Not only will you need to effectively clean your house to protect your physical health, but protecting your emotional health is just as important.

This post has been brought to you by Calgary Water and Flood Services.

Differences between residential and commercial elevators

An elevator designed for your home will be designed differently because each serves an entirely specific purpose. What are the differences?

Designed to carry different objects

Commercial elevators are often put in place out of necessity to get work completed efficiently moving items between floors. Elevators in restaurants where the space covers multiple floors and the kitchen happens to be on a lower floor helps transport meals safely. Cruise ships would be another commercial application for moving meals, tableware etc between floors where thousands of people are fed many times a day. Office buildings transport important documents and hotels move laundry and other items easily through what can be very large spaces. In many ways commercial elevators are used for a business to keep up with demand where efficiency is key. These elevators used to move smaller items for commercial use are called dumbwaiters and then there is larger ones we are more familiar with using. The ones installed to carry guests in hotels, cruise ships, large complexes or office buildings have a larger capacity.

Home Elevators

Home elevators in Vancouver are different in that comfort and style are often more important, the homeowner will likely want them to blend in with the home’s decor. With many large homes and all townhomes being built on multiple levels they would find a dumbwaiter convenient when transporting larger items. If your garage or main entrance is on the lower level moving groceries, prepared meals or laundry frequently would make installing a dumbwaiter an easy decision.You may opt  for the larger version of home elevator is an alternative to moving disabled or elderly people between floors allowing them to live independently.

Carry More

The home dumbwaiter used for carrying objects would allow a total weight capacity of 50 to 120 pounds, the ones for carrying passengers would have a higher capacity. Residential dumbwaiters can typically make up to four stops and go to 35 vertical feet. The commercial version is able to be programed for up to six stops with a maximum of 50 vertical feet. Elevators for carrying people will be able to hold more weight which determines the number of people at one time. Dumbwaiters have been around for a long time although originally they were moved between floors using a pulley system unlike the motorized ones now in use. Both commercial and residential applications benefit from the ability to move heavy items and people efficiently and with greater ease.

Contact Home Elevators Of BC if you have any more questions.


Five steps for choosing the right tree services

You do not want to find yourself becoming scammed by a tree service company, but these types of things do happen often. In order to prevent this outcome, we have compiled here a few ways for you to avoid hiring a service provider that will not provide the high quality level of services that you need. Here are our five steps for choosing the right tree services in Little Rock.

#1: Find out whether they are accredited by Better Business Bureau

Accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB) shows that a company like Schmitt Tree Service in Little Rock AR has taken the initiative to acquire a professional appearance, and it is often a sign that the company is willing and able to provide services that are up to par. After finding out whether a company has BBB accreditation, make a point to check what their rating is, too.

#2: Check for liability and workers compensation insurance

All reputable tree service companies will have the right insurance to ensure that you and they will be covered in case anything goes wrong. It is possible for a company to have created fraudulent insurance certificates in order to trick clients who might not know any better, but you can avoid this by get their insurance papers sent to you directly from the insurance agency. As long as the company has the right insurance, you will not become liable for any injuries or damage that occurs on your property.

#3: Search thoroughly for the best price

If the cost of a service with one company seems to be very low, it’s a good idea to look into what other companies in your area charge for that same service. Don’t get sucked into a good deal too quickly, without examining the competition.

#4: Don’t act too quickly after storms or disasters

After a storm or natural disaster, you may want to have your property cleaned up as soon as possible. However, tree service scams know this and can be just as quick to come to the rescue. Make sure to take all of the precautions mentioned already, and be extra cautious if any companies approach you.

#5: Don’t pay for services that haven’t been completed yet

No reputable company will make you feel pressured to pay for their services before they have done their job as well as is possible. Pay only after you have gotten what you need from your chosen tree services in Little Rock.

How to Successfully Check for Mold

Mold in your home should be dealt with as soon as you realize you have it. A problem arises when you can’t verify that mold exists, though. Often there will be a smell of mold or it will be visible on your walls or other surfaces. If this isn’t the case, here a few ways you can successfully check for mold in your home.

Observe whether you and others in your home have developed any health problems

If you constantly have a stuffed up nose, irritated eyes, a sore throat, or rashes, or you experience wheezing, you could have mold in your home and require removal. Only some people who have particularly sensitive bodies will experience these symptoms, so there is definitely more to look out for than these symptoms. More extreme conditions such as shortness of breath, lung infections, and fever can show up as a result of mold, too.

Turn off your fans and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems before you start looking

There’s a chance that if you start looking under couches or other hidden areas where mold may be present, you will spread the pores and allow the mold to grow further. To lower the possibility that this will happen, turn off everything in your home that increases the movement of air.

Check for mold in the areas that are most easily accessible first

Look in cabinets, on walls and ceilings, and in basements and bathrooms before you attempt to search deeper into the problem.

Talk with a professional before you get into the more difficult-to-reach spots

Mold likes to hide in the spaces we can’t get to, especially if there are moisture problems there. But before you look inside walls, take apart carpeting or do anything else more drastic, you should speak with a professional to get their advice or to get them on the case. If you have had moisture problems before, whether in your basement, on your roof, in a bathroom, or anywhere else, it is especially important that you see professional support.

Know the most common areas where mold likes to hide

If you’ve sought advice and will now do some groundwork yourself, you should be aware of the areas where mold commonly lies. This includes underneath carpeting and carpet pads, behind wood and drywall, on the outside of pipes, above your ceiling tiles, behind drapes and wallpaper, and on top of ductwork.

Whether you have identified the source of mold in your home or not, our services for mold removal in Calgary are here for you.

Are Pool Covers Safer Than Fences?

When you have a swimming pool built into your garden, one of the first things you will need to think about is safety. This is especially important if you have small children or animals, as failing to make your pool as safe as possible may lead to them getting into trouble should they fall in and are unable to get back out.

For many, the choice often ends up being between a pool cover and a fence. Both have their advantages, so let’s take a look to see which is best for you.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are essentially a large sheet that will be placed over the water in your pool. As such, it prevents any access to the water, so if children fall onto the pool cover they should be kept completely safe. Of course, this is assuming that you purchase a cover that is capable of withstanding the weight of the person who falls in.

Covers are also useful for preventing foliage from trees falling into the pool. While this may not seem like a concern at first, leaves and other sediment can build up over time, especially if you are less than vigilant when it comes to cleaning your pool, which can lead to water becoming contaminated and thus unsafe to use.

Pool Fences

A fence, on the other hand, provides a direct barrier between the pool area and the rest of the house. This barrier proves effective in the majority of cases, assuming the fence cannot be scaled, but it capable of failing should somebody obtain the key to the door in the fence.

Should a person get past the fence, they will be able to access the water without any issues, which could lead to problems if they are unable to swim. As such, if you have a fence installed you must remain vigilant when it comes to access. Always make sure to store the key in a location where vulnerable people can’t reach it and make sure to secure the fence whenever you leave the pool area to make sure nobody accidentally gets in.

Which is Safer?

It all comes down to how vigilant you are. As long as you are careful, a fence will prevent any access to the pool at all, meaning there is no chance for an issue to develop. However, pool leaf covers blocks access to the water, so even if somebody does fall into the pool they will be protected from drowning. As such, they are more effective in terms of directly saving lives, though it may be best to use both in tandem for added protection.

What Is Gas Fitting And Who Can Do It?

Gas fitting relates to the installation and maintenance of any appliance that makes use of natural gas as an energy source. Gas, when taken as a standalone product, can be lethal for a number of reasons. For example, it can combust easily if the product is installed incorrectly or produce a substance like Carbon Monoxide that is extremely hazardous to humans and animals. As such, any appliance that uses gas must only be installed by a registered technician. Here we will look at some of the aspects of gas fitting and the people who are capable of doing it.

What It Is

Gas fitting involves any work relating to the installation or continued maintenance of a gas appliance. This includes repair work or any modifications that can be made to the appliance to extend its use. For example, the fixing or unfixing of gas pipes, ventilation systems and flue pipes will all fall under this banner.

Furthermore, it also includes the commissioning of gas-based appliances and ensuring that they run safely and will present no threat to the people using them. This often involves a wide range of tests in addition to skills related to the installation of said appliances.

Gas fitting will be required when installing almost any appliance the runs using gas bottles or a gas source provided by an energy company. As such, it can be done in locations as diverse as your home, caravans, boats, ships and other vehicles.

There are, however, some appliances that will not require you to have a registered gas fitter work on installation. For example, barbeques and patio heaters that are operated using a gas bottle will not require a registered technician for their installation. Despite this, if you are unsure of how to install such appliances it is still a good idea to have a Victoria BC gas fitter work on them for you.

Who Can Do It?

Most countries have a registration and training process that must be undertaken before a person is considered able to install a gas appliance. For example, technicians must register with the Gas Safe organization and demonstrate that they have the skills required to safely work with such appliances.

As such, it is always a good idea to check the credentials of anybody you consider for gas fitting work. Consider the organization that regulates the industry in your country and avoid any gas fitter who claims to be able to do work without being able to demonstrate their credentials, as they may put you in danger.

Preventing Water Damage

There is the possibility that at sometime a homeowner may have to deal with water damage, either through flooding or a sewer backing up. Here are some tips, things to be aware of until such time as the Kennewick water damage restoration company is there with the equipment and expertise to minimize the damage. The primary focus should be on safety, is it safe to stay in the home? Electrical and slip and fall hazards are the primary concern.Only do activity that is safe to perform and be aware waterlogged materials are very heavy.

What to do after a flood

1) Remove excess water by blotting and mopping

2) Wipe excess water from wood furniture after moving lamps and tabletop items

3) Remove wet upholstery and cushions, prop them up to allow them to dry

4) Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting

5) Turn air conditioning on to allow maximum drying in Summer months

6) Remove colored rugs from wet carpeting or any area rugs

7) Place any art objects in a safe. dry place

8) Gather loose items from the floor

What not to do after a flood

1) Do not leave any wet fabrics in place, hang furs and leather goods

2) Do not leave books or any colored items on wet carpets or floors

3) Never use a household vacuum to remove water, they are not made for this purpose

4) Refrain from using the television or other household appliances

5) Do not turn on ceiling fans, if the ceiling is wet

6) If the ceiling appears to be sagging stay out of that room

Dealing with water damage yourself

If you are not covered by insurance and taking care of the cleanup yourself you can rent fans and heaters to extract the moisture on your own. A good shop vacuum will remove moisture from carpets and floors, complete removal of water is the first step. Disinfecting any drywall and wood surfaces should follow to prevent the growth of mold in the future. Discard any damaged electrical appliances in a safe manner as well as items  you may be concerned with their safe use. Most water damage will occur in the basement, or ground floor of the home besides any damage from a leaking roof. When storing items, precious family photos or business papers in the basement investing in waterproof bins could avoid disaster in the future. Some things can be replaced or repaired and we don’t often think that some possession are irreplaceable.

Contact Continental Carpet Cleaning and their water damage restoration service if you need help.

How to save for a mortgage deposit

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions anyone will make in their lifetime. To do so one needs to build up enough money so that they can put down a deposit for a mortgage. One will need to have enough money saved up so that they can go to a Toronto mortgage broker and choose the best option that suits their needs. Rising house prices have meant that in order to purchase your first home you will need to put down more money than ever, often around the tens of thousands amount.

It is never too early to begin to save up for a deposit. Every little bit of money can make the difference and the bigger your deposit is the less risk the bank will consider you. This will give you a wider scope and cheaper option for mortgage deals. So putting away percentage of paycheques or investing in less risky stock options can help you in the long run and make the difference in a good mortgage deal and a not so good one.

There are other options that available for prospective home owners such as short term savings which include regular savings and easy access accounts; as well as medium to longer-term savings options which include cash ISA’s, fixed rate bonds, and current accounts. Regular savings accounts are well suited for people who are saving over as short period of time like a year. They require you to pay a certain amount of money ranging from 50-500 dollars over a 12-month term which you will typically not be able to make withdrawals. These accounts offer the best interest rates as you are agreeing to lock in your cash, but you will typically need to have a prior account with the bank. A long term option such as an individual savings account allows you to pay a lump sum of money at the beginning and then earn interest on them free from income tax. They are a good option if you have had a good start to building up your deposit.

Building up enough money is the first big hurdle to putting down a deposit on a mortgage. It can be a stressful time in trying to buy your first home. Let the Rakhi Madan Mortgage Agent relieve some of that stress for you by helping you to choose the mortgage rate that is most ideal for you needs.

Why Is A Pool Fence Important For Safety?

Getting a pool fence installed around your outdoor backyard pool is important for several reasons. Of course, it is an essential means for keeping your kids and their friends safe, so they cannot even accidently get into the water when the pool not supervised. Another reason that you should have fencing around your pool is that your home insurance will require it. That’s because having this safety barrier will reduce liability should anything go wrong. So what are the specific requirements for what yours should look like? The short answer is that is depends on where you live and on what insurance company you are with. However, there are some more specific aspects of your pool fence that your insurance company may have specific regulations on.

The height of the pool fence

In general, it is required that your fence be at least 48 inches in height. However, some policies will require a higher height. For example, you may have to get a pool fence that is at least 6 feet tall. You may encounter a problem here if you Homeowner’s Association (HOA) or whatever organization it is that regulates your property does not allow you to have a pool fence this high. Keep in mind that only some insurance companies require that you have this higher height.

Pool gate

You may be required by your insurance to follow certain codes about the gate used within the fence. Often insurance companies will ask that you put a lock on the gate, in order that the pool fence will be truly secure. As well, the must open away from the pool, and the latch to open it have to be 54 inches above the ground at the least. The specifics may differ depending on your area and insurance, of course.

The spacing between the vertical and horizontal bars

The common regulation is that there be at least 45 inches between the bottom horizontal bar and the top one. The bottom horizontal bar should also be less than 4 inches away from the ground.  As well, there should be no less than 2 inches and no more than 4 inches space between each vertical bar of the fence. These regulations have been put in place in order to ensure that no one can successfully jump over the fence. As with other elements of insurance requirements, the specifics may differ depending on your coverage.

Why Move Your Family To Saanich BC?

The municipality of Saanich, British Columbia borders Victoria BC comprising, North, South and Central Saanich. The homes for sale in Saanich are so diverse is the area it covers that it offers all types of housing from condos to rural acreages.


Saanich as all of southern Vancouver Island does , basks in a very moderate climate and snow is a rare and short lived event. The hospitable environment provides readily available , farm fresh produce grown on peninsula farms.


Vancouver Island and Saanich is a scenic ride on BC Ferries from Vancouver, once you disembark you pass through the Municipality of Saanich. The stress slips away as easily as pictures of peaceful farmlands slide into view. With Victoria International Airport conveniently located in central Saanich, easy access allows departure for the business commuter or vacation traveller.


Indoors the area has several recreation centers for example Commonwealth Pool, Pearkes Recreation, gyms, pools and ice rinks afford year round activities. Elk Lake situated along the Pat Bay Highway is used by rowers, fishermen and swimmers alike. Living on Vancouver Island access to the Ocean whether you dip your toes in, fish or sail, the Ocean is never far away. Pleasure boaters and sailboaters can experience the many Gulf Islands or just a day or days lying at anchor. Hiking around Elk Lake or the more challenging trails at Mount Doug, an afternoon of horseback riding, or if golf is your passion, Saanich offers everything. Accessible from Mount Doug bike enthusiasts can ride the Lockside Trail North past the seaside town of Sidney right to Lands End. Peddle the Galloping Goose, a well used and developed trail system lands you in the Western communities or downtown Victoria.


Consider the lifestyle of living in the municipality of Saanich, good schools, libraries, recreation facilities and outdoor living literally at your doorstep. Restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, the arts, cultural, sports and live entertainment venues are there to enjoy. Whether a round of golf, world famous Butchart Gardens, Symphony Splash or relaxing on our deck it is truly a unique place to call home.

Why move your family to Saanich

Condo, townhome or single family home, maybe you’re looking for the more pastoral life of owning acreage, Saanich real estate provides something to fit your lifestyle. A haven from the big city hustle, a place to raise your family, retire or participate in laid back Island life, Saanich may be your next home.