Should My Arborist Be Insured?

In a nutshell, pardon the pun, yes. Insurance is designed not only to protect the customer but if you are the Edmonton arborist, it protects you as well! Trees can weigh many tons and their care, maintenance, removal, or trimming is all very risky work. If you do some of the following then you should have arborist insurance:

Landscaping: It may seem strange but if you do this you should have insurance. Landscapers have been known to hit water and electrical lines or accidently ruin or destroy rare plants or other things of value. Having insurance provides you an extra layer of protection from the unforeseen. Once you’ve had an accident, it’s too late to get insurance!

Tree pruning: Working dozens of feet in the air, often with windy conditions, on a large swaying tree near a home or power lines can be considered to be slightly risky work. It should come as no surprise then that having insurance to cover many of these aspects is important. Remember, insurance does not just protect the customer, it protects you, too! Falls, falling debris or limbs, dropping a limb on a car, or worse a person are all things that should be taken into consideration when deciding what kind of insurance to get. You don’t just want to protect yourself but your customers as well.

Tree removal: Perhaps one of the most high risk areas of being an arborist who does tree pruning is actually removing a multi-ton tree from a dense residential neighbourhood. Having insurance will not only give your customers better piece of mind but you as well.

Pest management: You should have insurance when dealing with toxic chemicals designed to kill things. Accidental overuse, exposure, misapplication, and other things can open you up to a suit or hurt your health.

So what should you do?

The first thing is before you ever start to work, for yourself or for others, talk to an insurance agent to find the right kind of insurance for your work. Price is important but it is not everything. You want a company that will be fair, be honest, and if you should need it, be willing to pay out. Their reliability is far more important than their bottom-line price. You will likely need a few different kinds of insurance – you will want insurance that protects you and your workers, that protects your clients and their property, and that protects your equipment and your business. Like with trees, taking proper precautions can help your business to grow and thrive for years to come.

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