Spring Drainage Tips


It’s a brand new season – green grass, blooming flowers, cheerful birds. It is also a perfect time to invite friends for pool parties, barbecue, and other outdoor activities. However, spring season also means rain. For a lot of homeowners, rains brought about by spring can result in a swampy crawl space, flooded basement, soggy lawns, and even damaged foundations.

So while the weather isn’t that bad, it’s a great time for you to do some simple maintenance jobs to ward off possible moisture problems, to avoid expensive repairs and to make way for a stress-free summer.

Below are a number of helpful tips from Wet Coast Drainage Solutions to make your home dry for the coming rainy season.

Clean your gutters

Make sure to check if your gutters are free from leaves and other debris so water can flow freely. You may try to put gutter guards for extra protection. If you opt to change your gutters, aluminum is highly recommended by experts. Aluminum doesn’t invite rust, long-lasting and offered in different colors.

Inspect your roof

Your roof does the heavy work of protecting you against the blazing heat, rain, snow and hail. Make sure to take care of your roof to avoid minor problems becoming huge ones. If you are not afraid of heights, do an assessment from a set ladder. You must check for curled or missing shingles, cracked caulk around pipe collars, flashings that are pitted and rusted, skylights and other roof problems.

Make sure your yard is sloped

Forming a slope in your lawn that leads water away from your house can help by protecting the foundation against pooling water and also stop leakages in the basement.

Trim trees and shrubs

Spring is a perfect time for trimming the trees and shrubs around your house – start early to avoid overgrowing leaves and while you can still see the limbs. Make sure to keep branches away, about 5-7 feet, from your home.  Trimming will help prevent moisture in your siding and roof. It will also discourage raccoons and squirrels from making a home in your roof space.

Waterproof your basement or crawl space

If you have experienced flooding in your basement or crawl space or have seen cracks in your basement walls, it’s a good time to consider waterproofing. Waterproofing in Victoria BC helps in making sure that your basement or crawlspace is dry aside from protecting the foundation of your home.

Ensure good drainage

Good drainage is another key factor to a happy home. To make sure that your home is well protected, apart from keeping away basement leaks, termites, mould, and mildew, make sure that the soil around your house is sloping away from the foundation walls at a minimum of 6 vertical inches over 10 feet. That will ensure snowmelt and rainwater will move away far enough to prevent any problems.


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