Tips For Designing Your Own Custom Home

Designing a custom home that will be your dream home requires careful planning. It’s an opportunity to design a unique space made just for your family. The six designer tips listed below will help as you create your dream home. Thanks to Lida Homes for providing these tips.

Start Simple

You don’t need any special software as you begin to design your custom home. Just a pencil and paper to list what features you would like and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Even a rough outline of a floorplan with a list ideas you may have seen in a magazine before to get started.

Think About The Future

This home is meant to take you into the future so consider if you plan on having children or expanding your present one. Do you need a guest room. home office or a flex space of some kind?  Is it possible that aging parents might share your home or would an in law suite be an option. As you design your dream home consider how things could change in the future.

Showcase & Maximize The Lot

If you already own the property you plan to build on you may already have decided where to build the structure. Be sure to consider the topography, size and best features of the property. A location to take advantage of any views, naturescapes or being able to keep an eye of children at play need to be considered. A home that looks good on a sloped lot will look quite different on a flat piece of land.  

Prioritize Features

As you look over that list you made earlier of features you really would like it’s a good idea to put them in order of importance. With so many luxuries to choose from you can easily end up with a budget out of control, decide what your personal must haves are.

Consider Function And Flow

As you and your custom home designer in Victoria BC start to decide where each room should be located consider how the final design will flow and how each space will function for your family. An example might be placing bedrooms away from communal areas of the house. Kitchens can be a gathering place for families so an open plan with easy flow to the living room might be ideal.

Reflect On Light

Light or the lack of has a big effect on people, especially during winter months. For those of us living in the Pacific Northwest taking advantage of natural light in the home is a priority. The direction windows face and window size should be considered, even installing skylights allow natural light to flood your home. Taking time in the planning stages with the above tips in mind will have you enjoying your custom home for many years.

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