Upgrading Your Electrical System to Become More Eco Friendly

Taking easy simple steps to reducing energy consumption in our everyday lives can have an enormous positive impact of the environment. These small changes from Jaycox Industries aren’t just healthy for the planet, they will also help you save money.

Change light bulbs

Did you know the typical 60 watt light bulb lasts 1500hrs while CFL (compact fluorescents) last 10,000hrs? The regular incandescent 60 watt light bulb wastes a lot of energy on producing heat, while the CFL doesn’t- resulting in an energy savings of 75% and a reduction in fire hazards. And because they last so much longer using CFL lightbulbs reduces waste in the landfill and saves the earth 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Also coming on the market are LED bulbs, though currently they are more expensive, they stand to reduce energy consumption even further than the CFL bulbs.

Replace appliances with energy efficient models

Laundry appliances, dishwasher, fridge, freezer and oven/stoves are major draws on power. Starting with your fridge and freezer is going to have the biggest impact on savings due to these appliances running all day every day. Next target your dryer and consider a natural gas dryer to reduce consumption even more. Or consider hanging your clothes to dry. This can be a little tough in our moist chilly winter here in Victoria! But definitely a realistic option for the beautiful summer, spring and fall months.

Install programmable thermostats

Heating or cooling your home when you aren’t there is a serious waste in energy and programmable thermostats prevent this waste. In Victoria there are rebate incentives to having programmable thermostats installed and sometimes you can even have the entire cost covered. Making sure you aren’t wasting climate control energy on heat or air conditioning for hundreds of hours a month when you aren’t home will result in a big reduction in energy consumption and save thousands of dollars over the years.

Helping the planet and saving you money is really about making small changes. CFL or LED light bulbs, modern energy efficient appliances and programmable thermostats are all great places to start. They items keep you comfortable yet are part of everyday green living.
If you would like to cut down on your hydro bills and want to help the environment at the same time, please contact our Victoria electricians and find out how they help.

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