What Are Average Carpet Cleaning Prices


Hiring a professional carpet cleaning Vancouver service to clean your carpets helps reduce the appearance of wear and tear and keeps carpets looking like new. Homeowners can opt to do the job themselves rather than hiring a professional carpet cleaning service fearing they may be overcharged. Here are two common ways professionals calculate pricing for their services.

Homes vary in size and often contain more than one type of flooring which means pricing is determined on an individual basis. When professional carpet cleaning services set a price they may charge per room which is a rate for each room in the house. Generally there is a maximum size for a room and based on the square footage a larger room may be seen as two rooms if it’s over the size cap. Moving furniture is an extra charge and homeowners can cut costs by moving couches, entertainment centers and other heavy objects themselves.

A list supplied by Angie’s list members reports users paying from $25 to $75 per room or an average of $51 per room depending where you live. A smaller home may pay slightly more because the company needs to offset travel and material costs.

The second factor when determining price is the method homeowners choose. Steam cleaning is the most popular method and uses hot water extraction and does not actually use steam as the name implies. It works by pushing very hot water along with a cleaning product into the carpet, the resulting moisture is then removed using suction. Carpets require at least a full 24 hours to fully dry. Carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning and require that carpets be cleaned using this method to keep the carpet warranty valid. Professional services may use a portable steam cleaner or a vehicle mounted unit for more powerful suction.

The other method is dry carpet cleaning known as “ low moisture “ or  “encapsulation “ cleaning. Utilizing a cleaning solution and minimal water to deliver a quick cleaning, the downside is it can’t deliver as deep or powerful a cleaning as the wet clean method.

Pricing for an average 2200 square foot home is $362 for the steam cleaning and $461 using the dry method.

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