What Time Of Year Should You Prune Your Trees

Falling leaves and the crisp air comes as a reminder that the windstorms we experience here in Edmonton will soon follow. You may be wondering if it’s too late to prune some of those trees that might present a problem in the next few months. To answer some of your questions the Edmonton Arborists here at TimberTrim Tree Works have supplied the following helpful guidelines.

When To Prune

Mostly it depends on the reason to prune, for example light pruning and branch removal can be done anytime. Otherwise the deciding factor is the species of tree so keep reading for more expert advice.

Winter Pruning

The most common time to prune is during dormancy after the coldest part of the Winter is over. Vigorous growth is the result when you Winter prune should that be what you want to achieve. Some species ( eg maple, walnut, birch ) may “bleed” when the sap flows but is in no way harmful to the tree.

Summer Pruning

Pruning in Summer results in slowing the growth of certain branches when a “dwarfing “ of a given tree is the effect you want.

Pruning Flowering Trees To Encourage Flowering

Two guidelines to follow are trees that bloom in Spring should be pruned after the flowers have faded. Trees that flower in mid to late Summer when pruned in Winter or early Spring will flower more abundantly.

Fall is the one time you never want to prune because decay fungi spread spores profusely and healing of wounds seems to be slower at this time of year.

Pruning trees is a dangerous job and even a set of pruning tools in the hands of someone inexperienced could damage your trees. Better still why not save a tree and give us a call right now a TimberTrim Tree Work.

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