When is It Time to Replace Your Home Windows?

For many homeowners, knowing when to replace home windows is crucial as unattended broken home windows increase the risk of wasting money on energy expenses and worsening the extent of the damage. At the end of the day, determining how often to replace your windows can aid you in staying on top of them as they reach the end of their life.

Below are signs that might help you in deciding when to have your windows replaced by First Response Glass.

The window is difficult to open and/or close.

Struggling to open or close your windows isn’t part of your job. If you notice that the tracks on your windows aren’t functioning properly, then it may be a sign to replace them. If you are searching for an easy fix to get you for another season, you can rub the tracks and the window frame using dishwashing soap. This can help in making them glide easier and will give you enough time to save money for the replacement.

Your home feels drafty.

Another sign that indicates your window has aged is the existence of shrinkage or breakage that allows warm air to go out of your house during the winter season, which reduces your home’s energy efficiency. If you notice that your electric bill is out of proportion, you can check by placing your hand in one of your windows to know how much air is going out.

The window sill collects moisture.

If you see paint damage on the walls surrounding your window, moisture might be the culprit. These minor issues may eventually result in extensive repairs that will have you paying for a large amount of money, so it’s important to have your windows replaced promptly.

The window won’t stay open.

If you are having problems in keeping your windows open, and having to place a piece of wood just to prop it open, then it is high time that you have your window replaced. This problem can pose danger to you and your family, especially if you have kids. It is important to have your windows replaced before fingers get caught.

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