Why should you wear safety glasses during summer yard work?

Summer means undertaking lots of enjoyable outdoor activities; it also means a time for various eye injuries. Summer is the perfect time for people to accomplish home improvement works, yard work, gardening, etc., but this makes potential eye injuries just around the corner and more probable.

So before you indulge in summer fun, it is crucial to take safety measure to ensure that your eyes are protected. Here are some tips from Calgary Optometrists Dr. Alex Wilson & Associates.

A lot of eye injuries occur inside and around the house, in the kitchen, garden, garage or lawn. Regrettably, these injuries are avoidable with proper safety knowledge.

For instance, line trimmers that spin at 6,000 and 14,000 rpm can throw pieces of debris, rocks, and nylons. What’s worse is that glasses or reasonable distances away from the line trimmer can’t offer maximum protection.

An eye injury is a terrible experience, but it can be prevented or minimized beforehand. Here are some experiences for you to ponder:

  • A woman who was 15 feet away from a line trimmer and was wearing normal prescription glasses but lost her eye as a piece from the line trimmer broke.
  • A veteran landscaper’s sunglasses were knocked off by a piece of rock tossed by a line trimmer and resulted with his eyes bleeding. Fortunately, his vision returned but after a long period.
  • A kid lost his vision when he was 30 feet away from a lawnmower that tossed a tiny metal.

To stay safe from eye injuries, observe these guidelines:

  • In using powered lawn care equipment like a saw, hammer, or grinder, make sure to wear polycarbonate safety goggles that have side guards or wraparounds to stop debris entering through the framers. Normal glasses provide minimal protection against debris. Ideally, every home must have a minimal of 1 pair of ANSI-approved protective eyewear that is worn while doing any activities or projects. ANSI-approved protective eyewear is safety equipment approved by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) eye protection standard. ANSI-approved protective eyewear is available in many hardware stores. For people who require glasses correction, they can go to the optical department, which can put prescription put into safety glasses to provide vision while using power tools.
  • Bystander, particularly kids are sometimes the victims of injuries in the eyes due to power equipment. Ensure that bystanders are away at a safe distance when using power equipment.
  • Before using power tools, make sure to check lawns and gardens for debris materials.

Thanks to Dr. Alex Wilson & Associates for these tips on keeping your eyes safe when you are doing summer yard work.

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