Why You Don’t Want Voles on Your Property

If you happen to spot a vole around your yard, don’t be fooled by how cute it looks. They might appear to be harmless as well as cute but in reality voles are a big nuisance when it comes to maintaining your lawn during the Spring and Summer. To learn more about the vole and how to prevent them from ruining your property here’s some tips from Local Pest Control for you.

Voles are not moles

The name may rhyme but the similarities end there and they’re definitely not the same critter. Another pest  the vole is often confused with are mice and even though they are closely related they do have differences. Here are some of the voles distinctive features that will help you recognize them.

  • Short, stout body
  • Short, hairy tail
  • Small rounded  ears
  • Small, beady eyes
  • Blunt snout

Voles are often referred to as field mice or meadow mice

Problems Caused by Voles

Voles are very active, they never seem to rest and remain active day and night which spells bad news for you and your garden. When they’re active they’re hungry this means they’re going to feed on your lawn or plants constantly if left unchecked.

Problems Caused by Voles

  • Surface runway or tunnels across your lawn
  • Turned up grass and plant roots as they excavate the ground to build their tunnels
  • Damage to flowers and crops from voles feeding on them
  • Damage to the bottom of trees

How to Prevent Voles

A great deal of time and effort has gone into your lawn and garden to have it looking it’s absolute best and that last thing you want is some pesky voles ruining your property. There are a few prevention tips you can use to deter voles from damaging your lawn and plants while working towards managing their numbers from getting out of hand. Try sprinkling your lawn with a vole deterrent which will have them thinking twice before invading your property. Wrapping the base of trees with a tree guard should you notice any damage from voles will prevent voles feeding on your trees.There are also humane vole traps available so you can capture and release them however they may still return.

Often the best way to deal with voles is by contacting a Pest Control in Vancouver Company they can formulate a plan of action to rid your property of vole problems.

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