Winterize Your Windows This Winter


Thoughts of curling up in front of a warm, cozy fire with a cup of hot chocolate may be something you look forward to with the change in seasons. One thing that can quickly spoil that feeling is cold seeping in from the windows of your home. According to a glass Victoria company, they’re basically, there are 2 different ways to deal with the issue: prevent cold air from coming in through cracks around the windows or insulate the glass from winter chill with temporary or permanent coverings.

Sealing and Caulking Windows – When windows are first installed they are caulked around exterior trim and sometimes around window fins to reduce air leakage. With time it may be time to repair or replace rotted wood frames and seal or replace cracked or broken glass. Inspect each window frame for cracks or gaps or signs of deteriorating caulking, rotten wood or missing glass and carry out any needed maintenance.

Weather Stripping – Depending on your skill level when it comes to DIY projects there are a few options for weather stripping. Felt is cheap, easy to install however it’s not very durable or resistant to moisture. Vinyl is reasonably priced but more difficult to install and metal may not look good when installed on older homes. If you looking for the most efficient choice magnetic strips are the more expensive option.

Storm Windows – Storm windows were popular when all windows were single pain but didn’t provide very good insulation. Plastic sheets can be used for one season even plastic panels or high quality low -emissivity glass that reduce heat transmission are available. If you can afford low quality storm windows you may want to consider replacement windows.

Thermal Window Coverings – Thermally lined drapes can provide an easy way to keep the heat inside. Hang them as close to the window as possible and let then stop at the floor or sill.

Window Film – A great choice for insulating windows to keep the sun out in summer and the house cool and the heat inside in winter is window film. You may want to consider film which provides the latest alternative to year round temperature control.

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